Too many calories in milk powder

Too many calories in milk powder

The milk formulas for babies (0 to 4 months) would contain more calories than expected: the study conducted by the Helmholtz Zentrum München in collaboration with INRAN, the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition, says this.

The subject of the research are 22 milk formulas for newborns, including vaccine, hypoallergenic and soy products, both liquid and powder. The products considered cover 80% of the entire European market. The packs show the labels with indications on the preparation and contain a measuring cup, whose capacity in grams is declared.

By preparing the bottle with the written rules, using the measuring spoon, in 90% of the cases examined there is a risk of excessive product intake. In some cases the quantities of product indicated on the label, divided by age group, are higher than the recommendations (making up to 17% more than the energy requirement at the 4th month of life); in others the scoop would have a greater capacity than the declared one (about 0.5 g / scoop) and, with the increase in the number of scoops, the baby at the 4th month receives a daily calorie surplus of about 7% compared to the requirement .

The combination of the two situations can lead to a caloric excess of up to 24% of the energy needs estimated by FAO and WHO for a newborn baby at the 4th month.

Given that breastfeeding of the newborn is always to be privileged, in the case of artificial breastfeeding, those who prepare the bottle are often more concerned that the baby grows "healthy" rather than being "properly" fed and therefore the amount of calories ingested it also depends on the anxieties and skills of mothers, grandmothers and nurses. It should be remembered that an excessive intake of calories in the first months of life can cause obesity in children and then in adults.

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