Too much or too little: the right balance in nutrition

Too much or too little: the right balance in nutrition

Learning to appreciate all the flavors is important, but children often require the same dishes or refuse some in particular. Bringing them to the table in a serene way is the first step to ensure them a varied and healthy diet.

Little time for shopping and cooking and the same script is often repeated at the table: the children would always like the same dishes or refuse to taste vegetables or legumes. Data from the Ministry of Health speak of a critical situation: about 20% of Italian children are overweight and of these, 10% are even obese. 25% do not consume fruit or vegetables every day and 18% do sports only an hour a week. A risky situation, because child overweight predisposes to a series of diseases in adulthood.

But there is good news: there are simple strategies to avoid these problems. You start breast-feeding newborns, to arrive at a serene attitude when sitting at the high chair: if the baby does not eat everything immediately, patience, the important thing is that you begin to taste new flavors. Not even too abundant lunches: the stomach of the children is small and fills up quickly. Sweet drinks, snacks and snacks are to be consumed sparingly, perhaps on special occasions such as birthday parties.

Nutritionists indicate 1,600 / 1,800 calories that a 6-year-old child needs daily to grow. If in our country we often come to overcome them abundantly, the numbers concerning other areas of the world are very different: in fact, around 795 million people in the world do not reach that threshold and every year three million and one hundred thousand children die before having completed the fifth year of age due to poor nutrition.

This is what happens in Mozambique, for example, where 43% of children under the age of 5 are malnourished and in 2015 about 82,000 children have not passed their fifth year of life. The causes are multiple and refer to poverty, adverse weather conditions that make agriculture impossible, wars and conflicts, exploitation by market operators. In many cases, intervening to change the situation is possible, and it can be done simply and starting from the bottom up: with a distance adoption.

With a small quota it is possible to change the life of a child, a family and consequently an entire community, allowing him to continue his studies and financing small projects in the field of agriculture, health, education. With distance adoption, ActionAid reaches over 170,000 children worldwide, giving millions of people a real chance to change in 40 countries in the southern hemisphere. Just a little help to revive hope and to help many communities to restart: find out how on

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