Too much sport and diets: teenagers without cycle

According to research, 15% of teenagers have no menstrual cycle. Once the causes have been identified, it is necessary to intervene with pharmacological treatment and psychological contribution

Amenorrhea is the total absence of menstrual cycles or their abnormal interruption. Amenorrhea can be primary when the first menstrual flow in puberty is missing; it is secondary if the cycle is absent at a later stage for various reasons.

The most frequent and natural reasons are pregnancy and menopause. Temporary cessation of menstruation is due to hormonal dysfunction, the presence of an ovarian cyst or a bad lifestyle. Andrea Genazzani, president of the "17th conference of the International Society of Endocrinology Gynecology" and Italian gynecologists raise the alarm.

The congress, scheduled from 2 to 5 March 2016 in Florence, will address various topics including contraception. Andrea Genazzani who will chair the conference, will deal with the problem of the absence of a cycle, considered a social problem that affects 15% of teenagers.

This should not be underestimated if the causes that lead to the temporary cessation of the menstrual cycle are taken into account. The lifestyle followed by teenagers would not be good for their health. Too intense physical activity, heavy weight loss, stress and social networks are just some of the causes of the lack of the cycle, considered by gynecologists to be the "disease of the modern era" precisely because of the increase in girls affected by the disorder.

The age at which the absence of menstruation occurs is between 16 and 25 years. The media shows thin, beautiful and perfect women: stereotypes sometimes distorted by cosmetic surgery and photoshop. The young girls not only imitated the hairstyle or makeup but also the physicality of some beauty icons. The queen of pop Madonna is very careful to keep her body in shape and often launches a new way of doing even extreme fitness that is emulated by teenagers without knowing that there is no general treatment that can be good for all women.

To tone the body and slim the waist, girls sacrifice many hours of the day by doing too much sport accompanied by extreme diets. They begin to eliminate some foods that are essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism and reduce the quantity ingested. Before treating amenorrhea, it is necessary to undergo control of hormonal dosages to evaluate endocrine function, then proceed with hormonal therapy and psychological support. In recent years the immoderate use of carbohydrates and the "advanced" age in which you have your first child, have increased the cases of polycystic ovary another disorder that in the past for lifestyles different to those of today was not even known as a pathology.

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