Top 10, Lamborghini conquers everyone and Malgioglio embarrasses Pieraccioni

In the second episode of Top 10 Cristiano Malgioglio managed to put Leonardo Pieraccioni in difficulty and Elettra Lamborghini had fun with gaffes and spontaneity

After a crackling debut, Carlo Conti is back on the air with a fun second episode of Top 10. The host, with the new program, seems to have found an original way to entertain his audience.

A program to cheer up the evening of families with the presence of beloved and esteemed guests. This is how Top 10 appeared since the debut. And, if in the first episode it was Serena Autieri who conquered the audience, with the support of colleagues Christian De Sica, Alessandro Siani, Nino Frassica, Maria Chiara Giannetta and Flavio Insinna, this time the task of entertaining and winning the challenge fell to others.

The teams of this week, in fact, were formed by Diletta Leotta, Cristiano Malgioglio and, again, Nino Frassica, for 'I Siciliani', and by Elettra Lamborghini, Mara Maionchi and Gigi D'Alessio, who composed the team of 'I Talentuosi'. A mix of characters that, as Carlo Conti has imagined well, he could never disappoint.

The challenge, immediately, warmed the hearts of the competitors and, already in the first minutes of the game, there was a nice squabble. In fact, Cristiano Malgioglio has good-naturedly accused his opponent Elettra Lamborghini of copying it. "You copy me," he thundered. Punctual response from Maionchi, who defended his teammate:

I'm sorry Cristiano, but he can't copy you.

And it is always Lamborghini, then, to conquer the public with its spontaneity and the inevitable gaffes. When Conti, in fact, announces the ranking to be guessed, she misunderstands and confuses condominium quarrels with marriage disputes and, genuinely, being close to the wedding, she begins with: "Let's make the horns that I'm going to get married".

Finally, great fun at the arrival of the first of the exceptional guests. If the last episode Massimo Ranieri had enchanted with his voice, on this occasion it was Leonardo Pieraccioni who entered the studio and joked, in particular, with Malgioglio.

And it was the singer-songwriter who put the comedian in difficulty by asking him who, among the actresses who worked with him, is the one who kisses best:

The kiss that remained impressed on me – tried to deflect Pieraccioni's speech – because it was a kiss really, it was the one with Rocco Papaleo.

Malgioglio, however, not satisfied, went on to specify that he wanted the name of a woman. The comedian, put on the wall and embarrassed, said:

I didn't have big kisses. The kiss with Lorena Forteza was an important kiss.

Thus, he did not mean the name that everyone expected: that of Laura Torrisi, his former partner, with whom he shot the film Una Moglie Bellissima and with whom he has a daughter. Finally, his friend Carlo Conti thought about removing him from the embarrassment: "He is a gentleman, he will never tell you."

Also this time Carlo Conti managed to build a captivating and exhilarating episode. It is not difficult to imagine being able to see Top 10 on TV for a long time. What did the conductor think for the next episode?

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