Torn love: 5 things to know about fiction with Sabrina Ferilli

The fiction "Torn love" features Sabrina Ferilli and Enzo Decaro as protagonists, and tells a story that really happened

Sabrina Ferilli returns to the small screen with the fiction Torn Love: Mediaset has decided to revive the three-part series directed by Simona Izzo and Ricky Tognazzi, based on a true story.

“I am happy that it is being re-proposed because it is not only a successful work, but that has turned a spotlight on an immense legal as well as social problem: that of adoptions”, Ferilli told Smiles and Canzoni on TV.

The fiction – aired for the first time almost two years ago – tells the story of Rosa (played precisely by Sabrina Ferilli), a mother who, due to a judicial error of which her husband Rocco (Enzo Decaro) is the victim, unjustly accused of harassment, he is seen taking his daughter Arianna away from a social worker.

Rosa will fight with courage and determination to prove the innocence of the man she loves, the father of her daughter, in order to get her baby back and rebuild her family destroyed by judicial error. But when Rocco is acquitted of the charges, his daughter Arianna will not be able to return to her natural family because she was adopted by another family.

Rosa and Rocco will begin a long search, with stubbornness and obstinacy, in order to finally embrace Arianna, who has grown up in the meantime and who has only memories of her parents and brother Ivan that are becoming increasingly faded.

The miniseries is inspired by a fact that really happened, a very painful story that took place in Milan between 1995 and 2006 and told by the protagonist Angela Lucanto in the book Kidnapped by justice, written with Caterina Guarneri and Maurizio Tortorella.

It all begins in the mid-nineties, when Angela, just 6 years old, is taken from school and locked up in a foster home because of a false accusation of pedophilia brought against her father.

A difficult time for the Lucantos who fight hard to make justice prevail and above all to reject the judgments of the people, convinced that their father Salvatore is an executioner. The innocent man ends up in prison: he will remain in prison until 2001, when he is finally acquitted in the Supreme Court.

With all the charges dropped, the judicial nightmare for the Lucanto family seems over and the happy ending seems just around the corner, but it is not: in the meantime, Angela, who has grown up, is given up for adoption to another family. Only in 2006 will he finally be able to return home and hug his parents again. Leaving behind this painful and traumatic experience, Angela, now a woman, said she never stopped, in those terrible moments, hoping to hug her family again.

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