Total body mother and daughter: the toning workout – Video

The video fitness program of Feel good this time it is dedicated to mothers and daughters. To foster complicity and union, but also to satisfy different levels of training. The proposed training is a total body workout where our Silvia performs a “light” version exercises, while her mother, Ilaria, also a fitness instructor, proposes the “strong” onehigh cardiovascular intensity.

“We both aim to tone all the muscles, such as the upper part, abdomen and lower part, but the one performed by my mother also has elements high-impact cardiolike jumps for example, in order to increase the fat-burning properties of the program, ”he explains Silvia Mazzonipersonal trainer of New Gym by Marconi in Segrate (Milan) ..

Who is it for?

“The” light “part it can be performed by anyone, as it does not overload areas such as knees and back. The “strong” one, on the other hand, is not recommended for those who have problems with the spine and joints. So, if you are in good health, you can too alternate the two workouts, starting with the “light” version and then moving on to the “strong” one. Or, try the hardest part and, if you find it too tiring, orient yourself on the “light” one»Suggests Silvia Mazzoni.

The training

Consisting of 10 exercises lasting 30 seconds each, you can repeat the workout even every day, for several times. What about the equipment? «They are all bodyweight exercises, so all you need is comfortable clothing and a pair of sneakers», Concludes the expert.

Watch the video!