Total body workout in the park: a bench is enough

One is enough for a complete outdoor workout bench and the right exerciseslike the ones I show you here, with the advice of Francesco Munna, personal trainer in Milan. “The program involves all major muscle groups and combines the benefits of aerobic work determined by running or brisk walking with that of toning exercises,” explains Munna. In addition, the expert recommends running or walking briskly for at least 20-30 minutes, at a rate of 120 beats per minute (to find out if you are on the “right track”, get a heart rate monitor, or you can find out if you have some out of breath but at the same time unable to speak).

  • For legs and buttocks

    270892Stand in front of a bench, with your legs apart at the shoulders. Keep your torso erect and look straight ahead. The hands on the hips help you stabilize the position and maintain balance. Starting with your left foot, step onto the bench, then step down with your left foot first. Then repeat starting with the right. Continue alternating the “starting” foot. Always perform the movement by straightening your legs and keeping your hips in line. When you push up, exhale, when you go down, inhale. Pay attention: the whole sole of the foot rests on the seat and not just the toes. Repeat the complete movement (left-left, right-right) 15 times for 3 serieswith a 20-30 “break between sets.

  • For oblique abdominals and glutes

    270887Now position yourself to the side of the bench at some distance, so as to rest your hand (further forward than the shoulder line), and tilt your torso with the right leg stretched over the left. Balanced on the edge of your left foot, contract your glutes and abdomen to keep your torso and pelvis aligned. The right arm is extended outwards or with the hand on the hip. Head, shoulders, pelvis and heels follow an imaginary line. Now lift and bend your outer leg until your knee is level with your pelvis. After a couple of seconds of rest, straighten your leg. Repeat 8-10 times, then switch sides. Do the full exercise for 3 sets, with 20-30 “rest between sets.

  • For shoulders, pecs and triceps

    270894Sit on the bench and place your hands on the edge, with the fingers pointing downwards and a width equal to the torso. Now she slides forward with her buttocks, over the edge of the bench; you can straighten your legs, pointing your heels (and thus increase the load) or keep them bent with your feet on the ground. Then flex your elbows, without opening them to the side and go down with the pelvis towards the ground. Contract your abdomen to avoid arching your back and not poking your head into your shoulders. From here push and extend your arms slowly. Repeat 8-10 times for 3 setswith about 20-30 ”of pause between one and the other.

  • For a flat stomach

    270893As a final exercise, lie on your back with your legs raised and bent at 90 degrees. The arms are extended at the sides and the hands grasp the edge of the bench. The chin is aligned with the chest, so as to stretch the cervical tract. In this position the abs are already working to keep the back close to the bench and the buttocks supported. Now, pressing the lower back firmly, extend your legs at 45 °. Perform the movement slowly so as not to overload the lower back. You need to focus the effort on the contraction of the abdominals. Then return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times for 3 series, with a 20-30 ”break between one and the other.

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