Total groin hair removal: if you know it, it is no longer a taboo

depilazione inguine totale

Better to do it or not? How to do it right? Do you need hair or not? We have answered all the questions regarding total groin hair removal that we have summarized here.

Total groin hair removal is now a beauty routine chosen by many: completely eliminating hair from the pubic area, the so-called Brazilian wax, has become a custom not only in the summer, but also in the winter months.

Previously used to avoid showing hair in bikini or swimsuit, today it is a choice of many for different reasons: from aesthetic to hygienic ones, from style to cleanliness, passing through passionate relationships.

total groin hair removal

For several years it has no longer been taboo and talking about it openly is now routine, but do we really know it so well and do we all know the pros and cons of intimate hair removal? We have tried to investigate the matter better.


  • The advantages
  • The disadvantages
  • The best methods
  • Do it yourself, how to do it?

The advantages

When it comes to total groin hair removal, the first things that stand out are the advantages, which are:

  • Greater sense of cleanliness: removing hair from the intimate area, in fact, improves our relationship with hygiene, giving us the feeling of greater cleanliness, especially during the menstrual period.
  • Increased sensuality: liking oneself more is the first step to improve the relationship with our body and, intimate hair removal, is certainly a valid help to feel more sensual both with the old partner and with a new one.
  • Increased intimate pleasure: According to some research and interviews, especially younger women, they have highlighted how the lack of pubic hair can improve pleasure during sexual intercourse.

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The disadvantages

If the advantages mainly concern aesthetic reasons and psycho-physical well-being, it is good to know that the disadvantages of total groin hair removal mainly concern health risks:

  • Increase in infections: pubic hair, in fact, acts as a real barrier against external bacteria thus preventing them from coming into contact with the vagina, causing unpleasant infections.
  • It requires regularity: whatever method is chosen, remember to be constant and shave very frequently.
  • Bacteria proliferation: the feeling of cleanliness, in fact, is only visual and mental. The hair, in fact, protects the vagina and maintaining it is essential to respect a natural balance.
  • Attention to the method: the methods of hair removal of the intimate area are different, but if they are not chosen carefully or if they are done without care, you risk various annoyances such as folliculitis, infections or cuts that could become infected, increasing the probability of contracting genital herpes and papilloma virus .

The best methods

What are the best methods of total groin hair removal? The classics are always valid, but to understand which one is right for you better focus on each one individually:

  • Waxing: to be done at home or by expert hands, waxing allows you to remove all hair but by acting on a particularly delicate area it could cause micro trauma to the skin. In this case, our advice is to use a sugar wax which in addition to being more delicate also slows down regrowth.
  • Razor: always demonized, in reality the razor respects the skin (especially if used together with an ad hoc cream) l. The only problem is that, by cutting the hair cleanly, it will make its growth more annoying and itchy.
  • Depilatory cream: it is a chemical formulation that suffocates the hair at the root making it fall out but, by not extirpating the bulb, the hair removal takes very little time. It can also be used in the intimate area without problems, but pay attention to the areas to be treated.
  • Laser or pulsed light: both are versions of total and definitive hair removal. To be carried out at a specialized center, being an irreversible and expensive method, it is better to evaluate the matter in the best possible way and to discuss with a specialist to ensure the success of the treatment.

Do it yourself, how to do it?

Total intimate hair removal can be done without problems even with the do-it-yourself and, to do so, it is better to opt for one hair removal method rather than another.

  • Razor, is the do-it-yourself method par excellence. If you choose to use it also for total groin hair removal, it is important not to forget a shaving gel and, while doing so, pay close attention to the areas. Always remember to change the blade and carefully remove all hair during the treatment.
  • Waxing: if you are familiar with hot wax you can also make it yourself in the pubic area. If you are a beginner, on the other hand, you prefer cold waxes, those already prepared on the strips, and try to keep the skin taut during the tearing: less pain and better results.
  • Cream: use it without fear, but avoid the most delicate and intimate areas.

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