Traffic light diet, foods that eliminate fat

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With the traffic light diet, discover the foods that burn fat and lose weight following a simple and intuitive scheme

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Simple to follow and with excellent results: the traffic light diet allows you to lose weight by eliminating the foods that make us fat and increasing the consumption of those that help us burn calories.

How does this diet with such a special name work? The traffic light, as is known, has three colors: red, which indicates the danger, orange, which requires prudence, and green, which instead gives the green light. This scheme is also applied to nutrition: red identifies the foods that should be avoided, orange is those to be consumed in moderation, while green is food that can be eaten safely and without too many thoughts.

By following this simple principle you will be able to build your menus and lose weight without too much effort. The traffic light diet requires at least five meals a day (3 main meals plus 2 snacks), daily physical activity (even a 30-minute brisk walk) and the consumption of at least two liters of water.

In order to improve metabolism, breakfast should never be skipped, as it is the most important meal of the day, while dinner should not be consumed too late to allow digestion. Once you understand these rules, following the traffic light diet will be very simple: eliminate the foods that have red, limit the ones with orange and eat all those with green.

In the red light we find white rice, whole milk, bacon, potatoes, crackers, white bread, butter, sausages, biscuits, jam, fatty cheeses and alcohol. The orange and al dente pasta, the semi-skimmed milk, the kiwis, the peanuts, the pork, the eggs, the lamb, the bananas and the sugar-free fruit juices have an orange light. In the green light we find instead lean meat and fish, such as chicken, turkey and cod, brown or basmati rice, all fruit and vegetables, and legumes.

The day begins with a glass of semi-skimmed milk and a seasonal fruit. For lunch enjoy brown rice with zucchini, while at dinner enjoy cod with grilled vegetables.

Before starting the diet, it is good to consult your doctor.

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