Train your legs and buttocks with a chair – Video

Train your legs and buttocks with a chair - Video

We all have a chair at home. So, instead of using it to sit comfortably (and lazily) in front of the TV, use it to train, as the personal trainer shows Silvia Mazzoni of New Gym by Marconi, in Segrate (Milan). Which offers a training “stolen” from the dancers, where the back of the chair replaces the ballet bar.

“It is useful for tone the entire lower part of the body, thus involving the buttocks, hamstrings, calves and inner thighs, but in a soft way “, explains the expert. «Indicated even for those who are not particularly trainedis composed of 14 exercises with low impact on the joints, but at the same time able to perform a very effective toning job ».

The workout

«You can run the program 2-3 times a week, even on your own. But to get an effect total body it is preferable to combine it with a workout for the upper body », suggests Mazzoni. What do you need to get to work? First of all, a chair, but to be chosen according to the right size.

The back must be neither too low nor too high, but get to where the pelvis begins. In this way, during the exercises in which the torso must be bent forward, the back becomes flat, like a surfboard, thus avoiding overloading the lumbar area ». Furthermore, it is possible to perform the workout wearing a pair of sneakers, or barefoot, as our expert shows, a factor that can ensure greater mobility and comfort.

Watch the video!

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