Training in winter: some advice to find the strength to go out in the cold

Training in winter: some advice to find the strength to go out in the cold

Training in winter is a real challenge, especially in the morning, when the house is warm and welcoming and outside the climate is very cold

Training in winter requires much more willpower than the other seasons of the year: it's cold outside, the sky is often gray and sad and does not favor the desire to go out and move. Those who have time to exercise only in the morning have even more difficulties: no one feels like going out to run in the cold when they wake up under the warm and comfortable duvet. Also for this reason, there is often a tendency to accumulate a few extra pounds during the winter months, and then bitterly regret it when the summer and bikini try on. To avoid weight accumulation it is important to do regular physical activity, also and especially during the winter months. Some ingenious ideas are needed to get activated every morning.

First, it is important to prepare a good training program. If you have in mind the generic idea of ​​"going out for a run in the week" it is likely that every morning there will be a different problem, which will force you to postpone. A rigorous program, divided into the different days of the week, mentally prepares for greater physical activity: appointments can also be written on the calendar, such as Monday 25 minutes of running, Tuesday exercises for abs, and so on. In these cases, inviting one or more friends to training is a strong incentive; try to ask colleagues at work or friends with whom you go out on Saturday evening: if someone is waiting for us outside the house in the morning we will be forced to reach him to train. Furthermore, the mental excuses that we have to invent for ourselves are the most varied, it is not so easy to make them credible for a second person.

A cute alarm clock, or the radio alarm clock, is very useful: opening your eyes with fun and cheerful music improves all day. If it is the cold that stops you, try to go to sleep directly with the clothes for the gym, so in the morning you will only have to take the bag and leave the house. A kettle with a timer or a programmable electric coffee maker makes the difference: getting up with the scent of tea or coffee that hovers around the house helps a lot, especially those who tend not to activate immediately, and who have to wait at least 25-30 minutes before to be awake.

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