Transparent eyeliner will make your eyes always look young

eyeliner trasparente

Transparent eyeliner is the last frontier of make-up and teaches us that often a simple and natural make-up is more useful than an “artificial” one. Here’s how it applies.

Comes from TikTok – on which we can now find the most disparate beauty tips – and it is a really simple trend to apply: it is the latest make-up trend to recreate cat eyes in very few steps.

transparent eyeliner

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336 million users have been interested in this new trend, indicating that often when social networks call beauty addicts they answer loudly immediately.

Forget complex techniques, incomprehensible mechanisms whereby your face looks completely different with makeup, pencils on pencils – you will only need a concealer slightly lighter than your natural skin color and a little powder to apply this make up.

What is it for? To stretch your gaze, changing its shape and depth, but without distorting it and, above all, making sure that the make-up does not appear excessive.

It’s a matter of an innovative technique which starts from the concept that make-up alone can be lifting and that often very few steps are needed to be able to look younger.

Basically this makes the chiaroscuro that gives life to a minimal makeup, extremely natural, but also very special. Yes, because the purpose of this make-up is not to give your eyes a touch of magnetism, but it is simply to make him appear more open, brighter, younger.

This technique by the way it is truly within everyone’s reach, it adapts perfectly to different eye shapes and also to different ages.

But how is this innovative trick created? Here’s how to get the perfect clear eyeliner in just a few steps.

Clear eyeliner is applied like this

How to apply the now famous transparent eyeliner? Here you are all the steps to be taken.

transparent eyeliner

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The first step involves the application of powder along the eyelid and a little bit of dull earth in the outer corner. So you will already get a perfect chiaroscuro.

The second step is the create a kind of Reverse eyeliner. How? Applying a concealer of a shade lighter than our skin.

Basically, we have to create a kind of tail, but doing exactly the reverse compared to what we usually do with eyeliner.

In practice, we have to outline the edge of the classic eyeliner, starting from the inner corner and creating a line that goes to form the classic tail. At that point we do the same passage also at the bottom.

Between our line and the eye, however, we will have to leave some empty space and it will be precisely that to give it the much coveted feline vibe.

In the end we will have to take a clean flat brush and blend the line we got.

When you do, however, be very careful not to ruin the line you made. How to do? Try not to make very large movements and to follow the top line first and then the bottom line.

In any case, if you make a mistake, know that it will not be difficult to correct your mistake, you just need to go over the corrector and the game will be done.

In the end it will be enough fix everything with a little powder, so that our make-up is long-lasting.

Liked this trick so much probably because it can really be applied by everyone, even by the less experienced.

After all, the transparent eyeliner is the perfect example of make up – no make up, because it is very natural and among other things it can be corrected with extreme ease, as we have anticipated.

If you want to discover another make-up trend, here is the graphic make-up, very popular this year.

In any case, we have had yet another proof that less is more often in the world of make-up.

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