Treasure hunt, how to leave him speechless

Treasure hunt, how to leave him speechless

The right idea to surprise your partner: romantic clues, meaningful places and … a spicy finish

Do you want to surprise your partner for a special occasion? If you don't know what to do, a special and romantic idea to surprise you could be a treasure hunt. There are many ways to organize it, so think about your relationship and choose the most suitable one. To guide your partner step by step, you can opt for traditional cards or, to be more original, photos or even small gifts.

Having the final prize in mind, first and foremost creates a path that encompasses phrases and places that are meaningful to you and your relationship. The restaurant where you usually go, the landing of your home, the cinema where you saw the first film together cannot be missed as goals. Make sure you make the game fun and exciting, but don't overdo it otherwise you could get the opposite effect, making your partner tired or even bored.

For this very reason, consider how he will have to move to find the clues. Don't force him to go back and forth all over the city, maybe in a rush hour with crazy traffic. Choose seats as close as possible and think about a time when you can move around by car without too much trouble. If, on the other hand, he does not own a car, he prepares the route taking into consideration that to find every clue he will have to walk or take public transport.

While planning your treasure hunt, in any case, start from the end, from the treasure that you will eventually want your partner to find. Choose a place and a surprise linked to your unforgettable memory. For example, the arrival could be the place where you exchanged the first kiss, where you declared yourself love or where he asked you to marry him. And the treasure could be represented by two tickets for the journey you've been dreaming of together for a long time.

If you want to leave him speechless and tease him by adding a particular "spicy", however, you could opt for something more concrete and immediate. After all the steps you've been thinking about, finish the treasure hunt in a romantic hotel room and let yourself be found in the bathtub covered only with foam and mineral salts. A sensual gesture that will immediately raise the temperature in the room. You will see that your he will not remain indifferent and the passion will inevitably start between you.

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