Treat your brittle hair with revitalizing lotions

Treat your brittle hair with revitalizing lotions

If the hair appears dull, brittle and tends to fall out, perhaps the solution to revitalize them is to use some hair lotions: here's what to choose!

Hair is a sign of our physical well-being: when we are stressed or debilitated, they tend to get damaged, but also when we are exposed to atmospheric agents such as heat or cold. A possible solution to make them come back bright and strong is the use of some hair lotions that act on the skin and the stem. But the question that arises is: which lotions to choose? Here is a practical guide to the use of these products that can be a true elixir of beauty.

Revitalizing lotions for damaged hair

It can happen that, with stress and daily frenzy, hair care takes second place: what follows, however, is dull and lifeless hair. If you do not opt ​​for a clean cut, you can find a solution in the use of some revitalizing lotions, as an integral part of your beauty routine. The lotions act directly on the skin and on the hair, reinforcing and revitalizing them: this is why they are often used to counteract the fall.

These products, also known as "hair tonic", are often made with a natural formulation and therefore with the use of essential oils, but may also have additional elements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and keratin. Therefore, using natural hair products can bring great results both in the long term and as an emergency therapy, because hair lotions are indicated for shock treatments.

Which lotion to choose?

The choice of the product must be made according to the characteristics of the hair, but among the most widespread there are certainly that based on rosemary and that based on citrus fruits.

Rosemary hair lotion exploits the beneficial effects of this aromatic plant that has been used since ancient times in beauty treatments. The presence of vitamins B and C, together with the essential minerals contribute to giving volume to the hair, but they also improve the activity of the hair follicles by reactivating the circulation and finally, they reduce the excess of sebum.

Lotion based on citrus fruits instead, like lemon and orange help to counteract the fall while giving brightness and strength. The presence of folic acid, vitamins B and C and mineral salts help to rebalance also the ph of the skin.

How to apply hair lotions

After choosing the type of lotion to be used, if you do not go to a hairdresser, you can also carry out the application independently, following some very simple procedures.

In general, hair lotions and tonics should be applied after shampooing, or on dry hair, and should be accompanied by a massage to be performed with the fingertips for a few minutes. It is precisely the massage that is the key to their effectiveness, in addition to the presence of active ingredients. You don't need to be in a hurry and the lotion should be massaged over the entire skin, as well as on the hair itself. By making these circular movements, the product is penetrated more deeply, obtaining the desired effect.

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