Try the DIY lip scrub: what’s the trick? An ingredient you use every day

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Have you ever tried a DIY lip scrub? Why not make it with an ingredient you use every day?

Today we will talk about an ingredient often used in cooking, namely sugar. Have you ever thought about putting it on your lips?

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The latter can greatly benefit from sugar scrub for many reasons. In fact, the lips are usually the most forgotten part of the skin in various beauty routines. Without proper care and attention, lips can become dry and chapped.

Try the lip scrub yourself. The trick? Use sugar as an ingredient

Since the lips are in contact with saliva, they are prone to dryness and a lack of nutrients. In addition, the lips are exposed to heat, cold and many other weather conditions every day.

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Therefore, they need a lot of attention. To care for and soften the lipsyou can then exfoliate them with a sugar scrub once a week. In this way you will find yourself with super exfoliated lips and at the same time hydrated. But what about the use of the sugar scrub before and after applying lipstick? Many other beauty routines encourage lip scrubbing both before and after. Admittedly, there is some truth to this.

In fact, sugar scrubs act as exfoliants and therefore remove dead skin cells. This can be helpful when applying lipstick, because the pigmentation can be applied more easily and more evenly to the lips that have been cleared of dead cells. If I’m smooth and exfoliated, applying lipstick is also likely to last longer. This is also true in both senses. After a long day, simply using a wipe to remove the lipstick may not be enough. Therefore, to get a better and deeper cleansing, a sugar scrub can be used.

So what’s the best move to take when it comes to exfoliating when applying lipstick? We recommend using sugar lip scrubs at your discretion, paying pay attention to how the lips react with the amount of times they are exfoliated. If you feel slight sensitivity after constant use of the sugar scrub, you may be overdoing it. So, we suggest you reduce the tones and exfoliate less. In other words, exfoliate with caution and modify your lip care routine taking into account their sensitivity.

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