Tryptophan-rich foods: nutrition and properties of foods

Tryptophan-rich foods: nutrition and properties of foods

Tryptophan-rich foods are important in a healthy and balanced diet, especially considering the fact that tryptophan is not synthesized by the body

Taking foods rich in tryptophan is of fundamental importance for health. Tryptophan, in fact, is an essential amino acid that is therefore not synthesized by the human body and that for this reason it is necessary to integrate into the diet. The main peculiarities of tryptophan lie in sleep induction and antidepressant and anxiolytic power. It is also capable of reducing hunger and is used by psychiatrists to treat aggressive behavior. Tryptophan deficiency produces various effects such as apathy, insomnia, skin injuries, weight gain and depression.

There are various foods rich in tryptophan which, if taken regularly, can help increase the body's well-being. Dairy products are certainly among the main ones. A nice glass of milk before going to sleep could be perfect for a good sleep. Cheeses of all types are ideal (Swiss cheese is one of the varieties with the highest tryptophan content). Meat is one of the richest foods. In particular, we talk about red meat (pork and veal), white meat (rabbit and chicken). Eggs, shellfish and fish are also excellent tryptophan-rich foods.

For soy lovers it is good to know that this particular food is among the richest foods of tryptophan ever. Green light, therefore, to seeds and soy milk as well as tofu. Legumes and whole grains cannot be missing from the diet of those who want to increase the percentage of tryptophan in their body. Among the first courses, chickpeas, beans and lentils stand out. Among the latter, however, oats, wheat (and related germs) and brown rice. Dried fruit is recommended, especially when it comes to hazelnuts, peanuts and almonds.

Fruits and vegetables are also rich in tryptophan. Mango, dates and bananas are among the most appropriate foods to supplement it. All vegetables are indicated, remembering not to despise the peel of potatoes. Finally you need to take cocoa, both in powder and in chocolate bars. From what has been said it is clear that the foods richest in tryptophan are dairy products and meat. Then everyone can increase their levels in the body: both vegans (with legumes and soy) and vegetarians (vegetables) are thus fully satisfied.

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