Tu Sì Que Vales, Belen conquers with the mini dress and Ferilli has fun with De Filippi

Tu Sì Que Vales, Belen conquers with the mini dress and Ferilli has fun with De Filippi

Second appointment for "Tu Sì Que Vales": Belen conquers and Sabrina Ferilli has fun all together with Maria

Second appointment for Tu Sì Que Vales, which also this Saturday evening entertained the audience of Canale 5. This edition sees Belen Rodriguez, former rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni and sportsman Alessio Sakare.

The show, as in previous editions, includes performances by talents of all ages and from all over the world in front of the jury, with the aim of making themselves known to the public from home.

After the success of the first episode, between comic moments and others that left room for emotion, the second appointment of the show also managed to conquer viewers.

To open the episode Belen with her colleagues: to enchant everyone was the beautiful Argentine, radiant and beautiful in a light pink mini dress, full of ruffles. On her feet a pair of silver pumps with dizzying stiletto heels, perfect to complete the presenter's outfit.

The jury, composed of Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Teo Mammuccari and Rudy Zerbi, had to evaluate the performances of the program participants, including laughter and funny jokes.

The real star of the evening, however, was Sabrina Ferilli, strongly desired also this year by her friend Maria to fill the role of representative of the popular jury, who for the second episode chose to wear a long-sleeved red dress with flounces, with ton sur ton décolleté.

The actress found herself, in spite of herself, the protagonist of a performance by one of the participants of Tu Sì Que Vales: Sabrina, taken almost "hostage" by a character with horror features, began screaming Maria's name, showing fear and disbelief during the performance.

The series of unexpected events resulting from the performance generated laughter in the audience and especially in Maria De Filippi, who continued to tease her. For her part, Sabrina resented – obviously always with great irony – with her friend, who in her opinion was too amused by the performance that saw her as the protagonist.

The special guest is former tennis player Flavia Pennetta, who left the field to devote herself to her family.

To conquer the public, once again, the great complicity between Ferilli and De Filippi. After all, the winning team does not change: the couple of friends who continue to give great entertainment to viewers. What will Maria have in mind for the actress in the next episode?

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