Tu Si Que Vales: Belen, Sabrina and Maria win with their complicity. Together they are a force

Belen Rodriguez

Belen Rodriguez, Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi continue to conquer the audience of Tu Si Que Vales with their complicity

Another evening full of fun for the audience of Tu Si Que Vales: lots of laughs, but also strong emotions, a few tears and moments of reflection. This is what the show, led by Belen Rodriguez with the support of Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Sakara, got used to. And, once again, it did not disappoint.

There are many elements that the audience of Tu Si Que Vales likes. Without a shadow of a doubt, Belen Rodriguez attracted attention who, putting aside the gossip and curiosity for her private life, manages to grab the hearts of the public with her sweetness and beauty.

Even her looks do not go unnoticed, a real source of inspiration for fashion lovers. For the eighth episode, Belen chose to wear a white shirt with a plunging neckline that reveals the lingerie and with a flap, longer on one side, that slips into the side loops of the black miniskirt.

Tu Si Que Vales, for Belen, represents a real victory. Over the years, in fact, she has proven to be a perfect hostess and a very good host, ready to get involved and take over the reins of the program when required.

Sabrina Ferillii is also beautiful. The actress decided to shine by sporting a wide and soft skirt completely covered with sequins. She completed the look with a long-sleeved shirt with a mid-depth neckline from which elegant lace emerges.

A total black outfit that, although very simple, turned out to be effective and that went in contrast with that of the hostess Maria De Filippi. The iconic presenter, in fact, chose total white with a sober suit which she paired with a no-frills sweater, also white.

Completely different attires, those of the three women of Tu Si Que Vales, just like their personalities. Their characters, however, do not represent a problem or reason for conflict, rivalry or dislike for them.

Belen Rodriguez, Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi, in fact, are proof that when women put aside any possibility of competition and establish a relationship based on esteem and complicity, they can do great things. The three stars of Tu Si Que Vales, with their beauty, irony and, above all, with the ability to entertain and understand the mood of the public, have managed to create a show followed with passion and dedication.

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