Tu Si Que Vales, Belen shows behind the scenes: Gerry Scotti on crutches

A curious video appears on Instagram, showing the backstage of Tu Si Que Vales: Belen frames Gerry Scotti on crutches

It's summer, but work is in full swing on the set of Tu Si Que Vales. Belen Rodriguez, these days, is busy with the filming of the new season and has already shown her fans some short previews, including a video showing Gerry Scotti on crutches: what happened to the conductor?

Belen and his adventure companions are already working to record the new episodes of Tu Si Que Vales, whose autumn season has just been confirmed. The transmission of Canale 5 will once again count on an exceptional cast: at the helm, the Argentine showgirl will be accompanied again by Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni. As for the jurors, however, Gerry Scotti, Maria De Filippi, Rudy Zerbi, Teo Mammuccari and the splendid Sabrina Ferilli in command of the popular jury are confirmed in their place.

There are still several months to go on the air of Tu Si Que Vales, but the most curious can already peek at the first details from the backstage on the Instagram stories of Belen Rodriguez. In fact, the presenter recently decided to share some short behind the scenes excerpts with her fans. We see her, as beautiful as usual, intent on the finishing touches before entering the scene, while she lets herself get her manicure done and wears dizzying heels. Belen's films also include other protagonists of the talent show.

There is Ferilli, who surprises with moccasins combined with a pair of dark socks, very different from the shoes she wears on stage: "This is Sabrina's beauty" – comments Rodriguez. And then there is Gerry Scotti, who walks behind the scenes with a pair of crutches. A brace that covers from the knee down stands out on his right leg. Immediate concern of the fans, who wonder what happened to the popular presenter. There is still no news on the matter, but apparently Gerry does not let himself be stopped by a small health problem.

In the video, in fact, he turns to the camera and, encouraged by Belen, greets the audience: "Cool, huh!" – smiles Scotti, making a joke clearly referring to his condition. In short, the conductor laughs at us and prepares to face a new television season with his usual ironic verve.

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