Tu Si Que Vales, breathtaking look for Belen. But Sabrina wins the style challenge

Sabrina Ferilli

Belen Rodriguez led the seventh episode of Tu Si Que Vales proving to be a perfect hostess. Sabrina Ferilli enchanted with a beautiful green dress

Continue to entertain Tu Si Que Vales which, for this television season, has reached its seventh episode. A program dedicated to families, in which numerous talents in different fields challenge each other with magnetic performances trying to win over judges and viewers to reach the final prize.

At the helm of Tu Si Que Vales, as always, the beautiful Belen Rodriguez, now the perfect and professional hostess, flanked by martial arts fighter Alessio Sakara and former rugby player Martin Castrogiovanni. In the jury, however, Maria De Filippi, Teo Mammucari, Gerry Scotti and Rudy Zerbi. The beloved Sabrina Ferilli, on the other hand, represents the public.

And to attract attention and to steal a bit the show from the talents who performed, it was Belen Rodriguez who, in every episode, amazes with her breathtaking looks. After having enchanted with brightly colored dresses and mini-dresses, this time she chose to wear a short dress with a small slit on the side from which a white long-sleeved blouse emerges. Unmissable sandals with a vertiginous heel.

In the studio, with the looks of Belen and Sabrina Ferilli, there is a real style challenge. The actress, with sagacity and a sense of humor, always manages to snatch a smile from the audience and her colleagues. Simply gorgeous, she sported a beautiful bright green, patterned, strapless dress that blends perfectly with her complexion. The shoes are also green, pointy pumps with a vertiginous heel. In silver, however, the bracelets and necklaces. Finally, she completed it all with a natural make-up and the hair let fall on the shoulders.

An integral part of the show, precisely the complicity between Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi, who strongly wanted the presence of the actress in the program. The two, episode after episode, prove not only to be friends, but also to be the pillar of Tu Si Que Vales. The jokes they play on each other, the jokes they dedicate to each other and the moments in which they entertain together are highly anticipated and strongly loved by the public.

Between bizarre performances and exciting performances that have left you breathless, Belen Rodriguez, Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Fillippi have managed to prove that they are real television queens and together with their colleagues have given the public moments of fun and lightheartedness.

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