Tu Sì Que Vales: Ludovica, the 10-year-old guitarist who bewitched Maria De Filippi

Tu Sì Que Vales: Ludovica, the 10-year-old guitarist who bewitched Maria De Filippi

Ludovica Leonardi is the 10 year old guitarist who conquered Maria De Filippi in the latest episode of "Tu Sì Que Vales"

Ludovica Leonardi was the great protagonist of the last episode of Tu Sì Que Vales. Gorgeous voice and talent, the very young guitarist, who is only 10 years old, has bewitched Maria De Filippi. Despite her young age and the fact that she started playing just 7 months ago, Ludovica conquered the stage of the show showing all her skill.

The little girl performed to the tune of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You and what struck the judges the most was her ability to give a mature interpretation of the song. At the end of her performance, Ludovica won four “Per me vale” from the jurors. Maria De Filippi, Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi and Teo Mammucari applauded the young competitor, while the popular jury, after a standing ovation, gave her 98% of the votes. A huge success for Ludovica, who was accompanied to Tu Sì Que Vales by her parents, excited and moved behind the scenes. The most affected was Maria De Filippi: “You are 10 years old, but you have the voice of a non-Italian 20-year-old girl – she said -. I hope this voice will never change you ”, perhaps imagining a future for Ludovica ad Amici.

The program conducted by Belen Rodriguez, with Sabrina Ferilli and the four judges, proved to be a great success also in this new edition. It was not only the performances that won over the audience, but also the exciting stories that the contestants brought to the stage. Like that of Nerina, the 81-year-old pianist who moved the jury, but also that of Jessica Carbone, a 23-year-old dancer who performs for her missing boyfriend, or that of Raffaele Capperi, suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome and for this victim of bullying.

The final ranking of Tu Sì Que Vales will be revealed only when all competitors have performed. For now, the artists who received the unanimous vote of the jury have won a place in the final: the unicyclist Wesley Williams, duo Sorin and Nicu, hand-to-hand athletes, the acrobat Liina Aunola, the Atherton Twins, the contortionist Kyle Cragle and the pianist Nerina Peroni.

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