Tu Si Que Vales, Sabrina Ferilli is the real star. And Belen is moved

Tu Si Que Vales, Sabrina Ferilli is the real star. And Belen is moved

The new episode of Tu Si Que Vales was full of surprises: Belen, beautiful as always, let herself go to the emotion

Fun is the key word, on the stage of Tu Si Que Vales: the new edition of the Canale 5 show turns out to be more and more full of surprises and twists, but there is no lack of touching moments. Like the splendid performance that, during the last episode, moved Belen Rodriguez.

The appointment with Tu Si Que Vales is renewed, as every Saturday evening, once again led by Belen, Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni. It certainly cannot be said that even on this occasion the transmission was not surprising: first of all for the mystery that hovered over Gerry Scotti, who in some scenes disappeared from his chair leaving room for a monitor. The episode was in fact recorded at two different times, only in part before the conductor tested positive for Covid and therefore had to retire home in quarantine. For the next shoot, Gerry hooked up on video so as not to let his companions feel his absence.

This time Belen Rodriguez conquered the audience with a fuchsia minidress tightened at the waist by a black strap. The choice of colors is incredible, perfectly matched to that of Maria De Filippi: the latter in fact wore a suit jacket and trousers in the same shade of fuchsia, with a black top and décolleté with a vertiginous heel. Sabrina Ferilli, on the other hand, stood out, opting for a total black dress with lace details to enhance her splendid silhouette.

The episode began with a truly touching performance. Martin, an artist of French origins, staged his most difficult performance ever: although he is a professional circus art and has worked extensively for the Cirque du Soleil, lifting a girl of just 5 years and keeping her balanced at two meters high was an exhausting test for him. Because that little one is his daughter, the beautiful Elisa, and she has shown great talent (probably inherited from her father).

The story of Martin and Elisa is very sweet: the artist had already performed at Tu Si Que Vales a few years ago, together with his wife. And the two did not know that their little girl was already in the womb. So, this time Martin wanted to bring her to the stage, giving the audience very emotional moments. Belen barely held back her tears, and she was certainly not the only one. Elisa's tenderness and her incredible skill have certainly conquered everyone.

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