Tu Sì Que Vales: the exciting story of Raffaele Capperi and the advice of Maria De Filippi

Tu Sì Que Vales la storia emozionante di Raffaele Capperi

Raffaele Capperi at "Tu Sì Que Vales" tells his story made of pain, courage and the fight against bullying, moving Maria De Filippi

Exciting stories and feelings: once again Tu Sì Que Vales kept viewers glued to the screen, thanks to protagonists who moved everyone. Among them Raffaele Capperi who impressed Maria De Filippi very much. The boy, suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome, said he was bullied and decided to participate in the broadcast to give strength and courage to other people who are experiencing the same drama.

"I was born with Treacher Collins syndrome – Raffaele explained to Tu Sì Que Vales -, a disease that causes facial deformities, breathing and hearing problems but does not undermine brain activity. […] I have undergone many face reconstruction operations. I was almost completely deaf until I was 19 and now I can hear thanks to a hearing aid. Instead, my voice remained nasal, but I made up my mind. As a child I thought that I would be able to look like other children in a short time. Instead, it took many years and many surgeries to become what they are now. My family had me operated on as a child, not as I was but to allow me to live a more peaceful life. I will thank them for life because they only gave me love. Unfortunately, not all children have had the same luck ”.

In front of Gerry Scotti, Rudy Zerbi, Teo Mammucari and Sabrina Ferilli, Raffaele spoke about the bad things suffered due to his illness. “The world has been bad to me – he revealed -. Since childhood, my appearance has generated exaggerated reactions and contempt. I cried silently so as not to weigh on my parents. […] I was made fun of by peers and adults. Bullying hurt me, I felt despised. I didn't really know what to do to not be seen. They called me monster and alien, laughing behind my back. But why all this? After many years of hiding life, I had the courage to show my face on social media. And that's where I got the most terrible attacks. I'm here today because I'd like to be able to stop bullying. Nobody should be angry with those who have the courage to show their diversity. Be kind ”.

An appeal that moved Belen Rodriguez and Sabrina Ferilli, but above all Maria De Filippi. Costanzo's wife wanted to give some advice to Raffaele Capperi. "Give a good lesson in life and behavior – said the presenter -. Terms with "be kind". The broadcast will air and on social media someone will still write something. You have to learn to care because people don't always understand. Those who write to you and who insult you, if you can not care, the insult bounces on them. You will never be able to fight against ignorance. You simply have to understand it and judge it as such. Otherwise, a useless suffering will pass. It's something you have to give a damn about, you don't have to make a fuss of it ”.

“When they insult you, don't read them – added Maria -. Once the writing license was given only to those who knew how to write, now everyone has it. It can be a beautiful thing and a very bad thing. Often those who write bad things do not realize it. Maybe he writes "you are a great toilet" and does not realize that such a sentence causes an effect on the recipient. They don't deserve what you suffered. Go with your head held high ”.

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