Tu Si Que Vales, the semifinal: Belen does not hold back the emotion

Belen Rodriguez .

The semifinal of “Tu Si Que Vales” is a concentrate of emotions: Belen Rodriguez and the jury gave us many surprises

The Saturday evening appointment with Tu Si Que Vales is renewed, which is now a guarantee: it always gives us amazement, lots of joy and sometimes even some moving moments. At the helm, the splendid Belen Rodriguez who, for several years now, has found here the place to express her talent. And of course, fun is guaranteed with Maria De Filippi and Sabrina Ferilli, who with their indestructible friendship always bring on stage a few laughs.

Belen Rodriguez, a fantastic look

Tu Si Que Vales is now coming to an end: this is the semifinal, or the evening that allows the winning competitors of the previous episodes to show their incredible skills once again, hoping to earn a place for the final. In short, a really important appointment, which saw the cast of the show in full force. Starting with Belen, gorgeous as usual: for the occasion, the Argentine showgirl showed off a delightful nude-colored dress with a deep slit. An elegant and sensual look, which gives her a lot.

Next to her, this year, we naturally saw Alessio Sakara and Martin Castrogiovanni. But not only that: there was also room for a new (and very young) face. This is Giulia Stabile, the winning dancer of the last edition of Amici, who brought a little freshness and joy to the studio. Always very spontaneous and genuine, she guaranteed us a few more laughs. Just as it used to do inside the most loved school in Italy.

Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi, an incredible duo

Of course, all eyes were also on Tu Si Que Vales’ most jaw-dropping comic duo. No, we are not talking about some competitor, but about Sabrina Ferilli and Maria De Filippi. Both beautiful and close-knit, they have a complicity capable of giving real emotions. Thanks to their friendship they make fun of each other, continuing to make jokes that conquer the public.

La Ferilli, then, is truly wonderful: this time she chose an animalier outfit, wearing a leopard-print dress and a pair of nude-colored pumps. Maria has instead opted for a more sober choice (but not too much). In fact, she showed off a pair of apricot-colored trousers, combining them with a checkered shirt in shades of brown and orange and gold-colored pumps. Together, they gave us a few more moments of pure fun.

The performance that moved everyone

Among the many competitors who performed, the Dutch group Poppetje Van Papier surprised everyone. A small puppet show proved extremely touching. Perhaps due to the perfect harmony of the movements of those who, for once, did not hide behind a screen to leave free space for their puppets. Or perhaps because of the moving story they brought to the stage. They certainly conquered the public and the jurors, and a tear fell in Belen. Gerry Scotti was also deeply impressed, congratulating them with shining eyes.

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