Tu Sì Que Vales, the story of Adam who conquered Maria De Filippi and Sabrina Ferilli

Tu Sì Que Vales, la storia di Adam che ha conquistato Maria De Filippi e Sabrina Ferilli

To "Tu Sì Que Vales", the story of Adam, the knife thrower who conquered Maria De Filippi and Sabrina Ferilli with his story

Everyone was moved by the story of Adam, a young knife thrower who took the stage of Tu Sì Que Vales. The past of the artist, who bravely fought against cancer, greatly impressed the judges and the jury. Adam sent an important message, conquering Maria De Filippi with his words.

One episode after another, Tu Sì Que Vales told stories of great courage and rebirth. Like that of Nerina, an 81-year-old pianist or that of Jessica Carbone, the 23-year-old dancer who performed for her missing boyfriend. Raffaele Capperi was also on stage, suffering from Treacher Collins syndrome and a victim of bullying, Elisa, who at 5 danced with her dad, thrilling Belen Rodriguez, and a 10-year-old guitarist.

In the last episode, the audience was struck by the story of Adam, a master in knife throwing and an artist known worldwide. The artist revealed that he struggled with cancer after receiving a terrible diagnosis. “My name is Adam and I am world champion in knife throwing – he revealed -, I am part of the hall of fame for knife throwers. Two years ago, however, I was diagnosed with cancer and the doctors gave me two months to live. I never stopped training, and thanks to my friends association for knife throwers, I managed to defeat him, and now, I'm here! ". Adam then wanted to send a message to viewers: “To all those who like me have been sick with cancer or are now, don't give up, you can do it,” he said.

Adam revealed to Tu Sì Que Vales his infallible technique, throwing knives of various sizes. He then invited the show's protagonists to rehearse. Maria De Filippi tried, with some failure, to hit the target, just like Teo Mammucari. And if Sabrina Ferilli had a lot of fun, the best was Belen Rodriguez who immediately obtained an impeccable result.

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