Tu Sì Que Vales: the story of Nerina, an 81-year-old pianist who conquered De Filippi

Tu Sì Que Vales: la storia di Nerina, pianista 81enne che ha conquistato la De Filippi

To "Tu Sì Que Vales", the story of Nerina, the 81-year-old pianist who reached the final, conquering Maria De Filippi

The 81-year-old pianist who conquered the audience of Tu Sì Que Vales is called Nerina, but above all Maria De Filippi with her touching story. With her smile and her story, Nerina immediately bewitched the jury. The pianist lives in a retirement home and her career ended thirty years ago. "I was a piano accompanist at the Turin conservatory, where there was a young man who was studying who later became my husband – she said -. The vicissitudes meant that in 1996 I played the last concert with our singers and then I was sick, I got dizzy and I retired two years earlier ".

“We moved house and removed the pianos that no longer fit – confessed Nerina, who has since stopped playing -. Rather than giving away the coffee table or cabinets, I gave away the pianos. I stopped playing and convinced myself I didn't care anymore. I didn't have to just do it, a little exaggerated spirit of adaptation, perhaps. My friends were all amazed because they knew what music had been for me. It was my life but when you can't anymore, you can't anymore ”. Today Nerina lives in a retirement home: “I have decided to retire to a retirement home. My friends were afraid that I was saddened. They said to me 'Nerina, you go there and after a month you lie on one side waiting for the end'. I replied that I am also waiting for the end at my house. I must say that I have met some wonderful people: the director, the nurses, the guests are my brothers and sisters. I found the life I needed ”.

To Tu Sì Que Vales, Nerina revealed that she had resumed playing pushed by the staff of the nursing home where she lives: "Between one thing and another a nurse, Cristina, recognized me and asked me if I was still playing – she explained -, I said no and she made me bring a pianola. I put my hands on the piano and that evening I found it hard to fall asleep, so great was the emotion of being back playing. I played at an event and everyone loved it. So here I am ”.

Nerina's performance on stage thrilled everyone. The audience stood up to applaud her, followed by Sabrina Ferilli and Belen Rodriguez. Among the judges, Maria De Filippi was the one who was most affected. “I think you have two talents – he told her -. The first is a talent that belongs to the person. The talent of when he told a delicate moment in his life, probably familiar, is the talent of knowing how to see the glass half full and never half empty, and it is a rare talent, which I do not have but which I would dream of having. It is the art of life, knowing how to live. You are born there. And then he has another talent, the art of playing. We saw his fingers moving and he has a speed that does not correspond to his chronological age. I hope she gets 100% from the jury and goes to the final ”. And so it was.

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