Tumor: 10 messages that the body sends to listen

Tumor: 10 messages that the body sends to listen

Tumors: our body continuously sends us signals, which we absolutely must learn to recognize so as not to be found unprepared because an early diagnosis is fundamental

Throughout our lives, our body sends us many different signals to make us understand that something is wrong. Some symptoms such as chronic fatigue, an unexplained weight loss, persistent pain, swelling under the skin or a change in the appearance of the skin or a prolonged fever are common to many diseases, but if they last a long time they could be signs of the presence of a tumor, so they should never be underestimated.

Particular attention must be paid to chronic fatigue, especially if this is not justified by a particularly intense sport, as if fatigue does not go away even with rest, it is the first sign that there is something wrong. The sudden weight loss is also very significant, especially if this is not due to a change in diet or to a drastic diet. Pain then, another signal not to be underestimated, especially in the case where it is persistent and you cannot send it away with the common analgesic drugs. It is the case of pains in the head or testicles.

Subcutaneous nodules and swellings, often associated with breast or testicular cancer, should not be underestimated. However, these bulges can occur in all areas of the soft tissues. If you find yourself having a swelling, proceed immediately to carry out in-depth checks, as often skin cancers, also called melanomas, are confused with simple burns, moles and aging processes. Particular attention must also be paid to changes in urinary and intestinal habits. If you feel the need to urinate more often and feel pain during urination, it could be the first symptom of bladder or prostate cancer. If there is blood in the faeces and frequent diarrheal discharges occur, the rectum may be affected.

Fever, even low, but of too long a duration and difficult to cure with the classic remedies and drugs is not to be underestimated, it could be the symptom of a leukemia or a lymphoma, since these types of cancer attack the immune system. Cough and hoarseness can also indicate the presence of cancer. The cough may indicate lung cancer, while hoarseness in the larynx or thyroid. Finally, even some white spots inside the mouth should be monitored, as they are a symptom of a pre-cancerous condition.

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