Tumors, how to prevent them at the table: Health Oranges

Tumors, how to prevent them at the table: Health Oranges

Interview with Elisa, an AIRC volunteer, who takes to the streets to support the fight against cancer. And it gives us advice on how to prevent cancer, from proper nutrition to controls

Prevention is essential in the fight against cancer, starting with proper nutrition. So on January 27th the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) distributes in over 2,500 Italian squares Le Arance della Salute, a symbol of healthy and protective nutrition thanks to its extraordinary properties. Italian red oranges contain anthocyanins, natural pigments with exceptional antioxidant powers, and about forty percent more vitamin C than other citrus fruits.

To buy them means to contribute with a concrete gesture to build a future that is ever more free from cancer. The funds raised guarantee the necessary continuity to the work of about 5,000 researchers – a real army, 63% of which are women and 54% are under 40 – committed to making cancer increasingly treatable.

The battle against cancer can be won not only thanks to the results of the research, but also through prevention and healthy lifestyles that ban sedentariness and smoking and that focus on attention to food and constant physical activity.

Elisa Ricci, 31, a lawyer, has chosen to do something more, becoming one of the 20,000 AIRC volunteers. At Tipsforwomens she told her story and what led her to make this decision.

What prompted you to become an AIRC volunteer?
I have been a volunteer in San Benedetto del Tronto for 4 years (where she lives). I felt the need to make myself useful in the fight against cancer, especially after my mother was ill (Elisa's mother had breast cancer 10 years ago, now she's fine ed). His illness made me very sensitive to the subject, I wanted to contribute concretely and that is why I approached the AIRC, a valid, transparent Association with a solid structure. Since last year, as a volunteer, I am responsible for the square.

What does an AIRC volunteer actually do?
It takes to the streets three times a year. In January with Le Arance della Salute, in May with the Azaleas for Mother's Day and in November with The Chocolates of Research. During these three appointments for one or two days we volunteers sell these products to raise funds for research. In fact, we donate time to AIRC, a very simple but fundamental thing to help eradicate cancer.

As a volunteer, what was the greatest satisfaction you received?
Among the most beautiful things that happen to me when I'm in the streets is to see that many young people are interested in becoming AIRC volunteers. It strikes me when unfortunately sick or healed people thank me for being there to raise money for research. This gives you great strength.

The cancer experience touched you closely with your mother's illness, how did you experience those moments?
It's hard, especially when you're young and you see your mom feeling sick. But we must never lose hope, rely on care and never stop fighting. This is why research is very important.

As an AIRC volunteer, what advice can you give to prevent cancer?
I report the advice of the AIRC researchers. First, undergo medical checks, even when you are young. And then eat well and do physical activity.

How can we all support researchers?
Come to the streets to buy oranges or simply to make a contribution. The funds raised go directly to the researchers. And then whoever wants, can donate his time by becoming a volunteer. I assure you that it is a really beautiful experience and only engages three times a year.

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