Turtleneck: how to wear it with style

Turtleneck: how to wear it with style

An indispensable garment in winter, let's see how to wear the turtleneck with taste!

The turtleneck is a garment that the chilly women absolutely cannot do without. It is a cuddle that keeps them warm and in winter it is absolutely essential. How to wear it with style and choose the right one for us? Here are some tips.

Turtleneck: how to wear it with style

Mila Schon turtleneck, Pinko brooch, Polaroid glasses, Maison Margiela blazer, Church's lace-ups

Turtleneck, how to wear it with style: who suits you

The turtleneck highlights the neck, so it goes without saying that those with a long ballerina neck will have an advantage. However, it is not certain that those who do not fall into the category cannot wear it: just have the foresight to choose it in thin fabric and fold it back on itself so as to shorten it a little, so that it does not suffocate the décolleté.

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Turtleneck, how to wear it with style: what fabric to choose

The fabric to choose depends on two elements: the first is how cold you are and the second is your physiognomy. The fluffier and more voluminous fabrics, knitted tricot for example, are ideal if you have a lean physique, while the thinner sweaters will be good for soft bodies. In this case, avoid the ribbed shirt, which would spread out on the bust. Warning: if you are cold, opt for a fiber that keeps you warm, for example wool or cashmere, even regenerated.

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Turtleneck, how to wear it with style: what color to choose

Since you will wear it close to your face, make sure it matches your undertone, so prefer warm colors for warm undertones and cool colors for cold undertones, especially if you use light or neutral shades.

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Turtleneck, how to wear it with style: how to fill the décolleté

If you have the feeling that the décolleté remains empty, you can fill it with short necklaces even with multiple strands, or with a blazer: in this way, you will be better dressed and the look will acquire a more sophisticated touch.

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