Twelve positions for the twelve signs of the zodiac: which is yours?

posizioni segni zodiacali

Today we reveal the perfect position under the sheets according to your zodiac sign: each of us has his own! Let’s find out all of them together.

Did you know that you and your partner both have one position from try?

positions zodiac signs

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No, we are not talking about the one preferred by one or the other or the one you like best as a couple.
Today we talk about the intimate positions that suggest stars and planets: the horoscope has its own to say about sexuality!

The perfect position for every zodiac sign: find out which one is yours

What’s your sign?

perfect position zodiac sign

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This is a question that generally serves to get to know people better. If you want to know what they are the zodiac signs who don’t know what they want or, instead, which are those who always think about the past just ask for the sign and check our rankings.
Today, however, we thought of asking stars and planets to give us a little more spicy information.

Did you know that each Zodiac sign has its own intimate position perfect to try under the sheets?
Let’s find out immediately which is yours and which is that of your partner or the person you like: it will serve as a starting point for your hot meeting!


For Aries we can only advise all positions where he takes the lead. They are perfect for those born under this sign!
In any case, the perfect location for the Aries (if you don’t like the ones you find on our list) it’s definitely one of the ones standing. You like to stand out!


To the Bullinstead, we recommend the position of the pretzel: you can find it here!

For the Bull it is better to have an “abstruse” position which however ensures both comfort and optimal performance.
They don’t want to work at all! The position of the pretzel is perfect for i Bull: maximum results with minimum effort!


The missionary position (although it is often accused of being the most boring) is the perfect one for the Twins!
To the Twins I love being able to look at the people they are with in the face and enjoy, mainly, their expressions. The missionary is perfect for you!

Cancer: The position for your zodiac sign is this

The perfect location for the gods zodiac sign Cancer is that of the spoon.
This position is extremely sweet and pampering but also able to give great emotions to those who try it! For the Cancer is perfect: they can receive the love they want and show their sensuality without trying too hard!


For the Lionhowever, the perfect location is another matter entirely. There position of the captainperhaps, is the perfect one for you!
Whether you are the penetrating partners or the receiving partners, in this position you have a clear view of the partner and you truly feel in command!
The woman lies down with her back on the ground and her legs raised: the partner kneels and lifts the woman’s hips, holding her by the thighs or buttocks: fun is guaranteed!


Those born under the sign of Virgin absolutely must try the lotus position. This is the perfect one for them!
The position itself is beautiful and elegant, it doesn’t make you sweat too much because you don’t have to worry and move all the time and it’s perfect for looking into each other’s eyes and enjoying each other’s beauty.

Weight scale

69 is actually the perfect position for those born under the sign of Weight scale.
This position is the one that sees the partners “turn over” and put their heads at each other’s feet. Now you can please each other, without full [email protected] but with oral [email protected] The position is perfect for those born under the sign of Libra who always want to be able to “give” and not receive without doing anything!

Scorpio: The position for your zodiac sign is this

Expensive Scorpioin our opinion the perfect position for you is that of the triceratops: find its explanation by clicking here!
In this position you can dominate and be dominated in an extremely fun way but which also ensures you have excellent control over your body. Seeing is believing!


There perfect location for the sign zodiacal of the Sagittarius is that of the chair. In this position (the partner is sitting on the edge of a chair or bed while you “squat” on him, keeping your feet on the ground to move better) Sagittarius gives the best of himself.
The reason is that the Sagittarius so it is comfortable and can have maximum fun: maximum yield for very little effort even here!


The cow-girl is the perfect position for the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Whether you are the lying partners or the partners above, this position is able to satisfy the desire for protagonism of the Capricorns and also their side a little voyeur.


The Aquarius they are absolutely not traditional as you might imagine! For those born under this zodiac sign, in fact, the best position is the one … which also includes the use of a sofa! No, let’s joke: any support surface is fine!
The Aquarius they love positions in which the receiving partner leans forward, fully exposing himself: a little bit of sexy toys and that’s it!

Pisces: The perfect position for your zodiac sign is this

For the Fish the perfect position is the one that involves a romantic and gentle embrace. Not quite as a missionary but more as a fusion of bodies and souls, those born under the sign of the Fish they love to adhere completely to their partner’s body. The position is to be tried together for an absolutely romantic relationship!

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