Two weeks after the birth, Beatrice Valli is already back in shape: the photo on Instagram

Two weeks after the birth, Beatrice Valli is already back in shape: the photo on Instagram

2 weeks after the birth, Beatrice Valli is already back in shape and on Instagram she shows her physique

Beatrice Valli two weeks after giving birth is already back in shape. The influencer fifteen days ago gave birth to little Azzurra, born from her love for Marco Fantini, known in the studies of men and women, and on Instagram she revealed an enviable physique. 25 years old and a modeling career, Beatrice became mother for the third time on May 13th. After Alessandro, had by ex-partner Nicolas Bovi, and Bianca, the eldest son of the former suitor, the fashion blogger gave birth to Azzurra.

Throughout her pregnancy, Beatrice shared thoughts and photos on Instagram, telling her days, but also the fears and emotions of a future mother. For this reason, even after giving birth, Valli wanted to reveal the changes in her body. "Two weeks after the birth – he wrote showing in the Stories a photo in which he is in briefs -. I won't show you my face because you might be frightened. " The influencer is getting back in shape in record time and two weeks after giving birth he has already lost several kilos. "For those who asked me how many kilos I lost after giving birth, I lost more or less seven and a half kilos, eight – he quickly said -. I still have a dozen to dispose of. "

In the meantime, the influencer enjoys the love of his family, pampering his three children and planning the wedding (for now only postponed) with Marco Fantini. The couple, born to men and women, is more united than ever and dreams of swearing eternal love soon. In the last few days Beatrice had confided to fans a small problem with Azzurra's language, confessing her concern and her partner's moral support.

“We have always been very honest and transparent with the people who follow us – they revealed at Vanity Fair, Fantini and la Valli -. We like to show that we are a normal family, like many others, and our authenticity has always been our strong point. Inevitably, however, there are things that we don't show and keep only for ourselves, as it should be. As said – they added -, we want to share everything with the people who follow us and above all to show them that we too, like many others, can have problems and complications. Doing this job does not mean always having a perfect life, on the contrary. Everyone has their problems and if showing them can be a way to help other people with the same problems, a way to confront and comfort us, we are only pleased. "

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