U&D, Alessia and Aldo have lost their third child: "It wasn't time for us"

U&D, Alessia and Aldo have lost their third child: "It wasn't time for us"

Alessia Cammarota and Aldo Palmieri have lost their third child: the words of the former suitor of "Men and Women"

Alessia Cammarota and Aldo Palmieri lost their third child. The couple of men and women a few weeks ago announced the arrival of a boy, then the sad news spread via the influencer's Instagram profile. Alessia did not specify what happened, but her words show the difficult moment she is experiencing. She asked followers to respect her pain without asking questions or specifically asking, leaving her the space to elaborate when it happened.

“It wasn't time for us – wrote Alessia in the Instagram Stories -. Not everything always goes as we hope. No questions, no stories. I beg you. We just need to face this pain alone. We hope you will understand ”. A pain that the model has chosen to live much more reserved together with Aldo Palmieri.

A love, the one between the two, born in the studies of Men and Women, and continued even away from the spotlight. It was 2013 and since then Aldo and Alessia have never left, even overcoming a crisis and a brief separation. The couple got married in 2014, the following year the first child arrived, Niccolò, while in 2017 Cammarota gave birth to the second son Leonardo.

On Valentine's Day, the two lovers revealed that they were expecting their third child. “Mum has a baby in her belly… but it's a secret! – explained Aldo by publishing a video with his children -. We wanted to tell you in a nice way… But that's how it ended! A little taste of what the future holds in store for us ”. On March 14, Alessia confided to Instagram followers that she was expecting a boy: "It's destiny, I will remain the only princess of the house," she commented.

The couple lives in Rome, where Alessia leads a beauty center, and even today, after many years, there are many fans who follow the evolution of their love with affection, commenting on photos and videos on Instagram. Some time ago, interviewed by the Men and Women Magazine, Alessia had talked about her program path and the failure to choose Francesco Monte who then led her to meet Aldo. “My sister had enrolled me in the program – she revealed -. I was practically a child, a bit capricious. Before, I had only had a boyfriend. I have wonderful memories, but I don't think we would have lasted two seconds, Francesco and I (…) And then I met Aldo. After the end of the journey with Francesco I was burned and did not really think of returning to the program. (…) I went down those stairs again. At first it was a drama. Aldo and I were always fighting. But then he lowered his defenses ”.

Alessia Cammarota Instagram

Alessia Cammarota

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