U&D, Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto broke up: marriage ended

U&D, Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto broke up: marriage ended

After the meeting with men and women and the wedding: Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto broke up

Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto broke up. The former protagonists of Men and Women, who had married in 2016 after a long engagement, announced the end of their marriage. The former tronista of Maria De Filippi revealed it after weeks of talk of a crisis.

Tara, who had admitted to having a difficult time, intervened on the matter, breaking the silence, promising that she would soon reveal her decision to the fans. "I am making decisions in my life, we are making decisions – he confessed -. Don't ask strange questions, don't keep asking me where Cristian is because I won't answer so much. Don't get angry if you don't receive answers, I don't do it out of malice but only because they are my things. When the time is right and the situation is clear, I will say what there is to say. "

In these hours Tara and Cristian have announced that they have made a choice. Their wedding would come to an end and both would be single. This was revealed by the former tronista of Men and Women who explained on Instagram: “I know that I am not very social, however, to clarify a bit, I am here to speak on my behalf and on behalf of Tara, with whom we still have decided to separate and everyone to take his own way ". Galella then asked for silence and respect for the fans in a delicate phase such as that of separation. "We will never put in the square the reasons that led us to this decision, you will never see interviews or things related to our relationship – he clarified -. The reasons for this separation are reasons that only you and I know. From this moment, or rather for some time now, we are two single people who can safely move forward in their lives, attend whoever we want and make any kind of choice, without having to explain or do anything else. I distrust anyone to beak in this situation. Last thing, there is no need to invent strange or untrue reasons for this decision. We know the reasons and we will always and only know them. With this I send you a greeting and a kiss. "

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