U&D, Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto in crisis

U&D, Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto in crisis

After love for men and women and the wedding, Tara Gabrieletto confirms the crisis with Cristian Galella,

Are Cristian Galella and Tara Gabrieletto in crisis again? According to the latest rumors, the couple born to men and women is going through a difficult period. To reveal it was a few days ago Amedeo Venza, blogger always very informed about the characters of Maria De Filippi, but the confirmation came from the same former U&D suitor who in the Instagram Stories spoke of her love life.

“I've never been a very good person to hide when he's sick – Tara said – because I've always had eyes that speak before the mouth. I know it will be difficult, but you know that I am very restrained about my private life. It is not a good period, I am not very well, I am not well – he added, turning to the followers -. I'm making decisions, we're making … so don't ask me strange questions, don't keep asking me about the faith, where is Cristian because I won't answer so much. Do not be angry if you do not receive answers, they are simply my things ”.

Gabrieletto has hinted that she is in a period of reflection with her husband Cristian. "When the time is right and we will have a clear situation, I will say what there is to say – concluded the former protagonist of U&D -, in positive or negative. I will continue to talk to you, to tell you about my days, I will have a moment when I will disappear, you must understand them and otherwise I will be here as always. Be patient ”.

It was 2012 when the two met and fell in love in Maria De Filippi's studios, moving the audience at home. After the cohabitation, the couple had announced the marriage, but shortly before the yes tensions and misunderstandings had led to the breakup. Tara, a guest of Afternoon Five by Barbara D’Urso (whom we recently interviewed), had recounted her grief at Cristian's farewell. Later the model and the influencer had become clearer and in 2016 they were married at a wedding, later choosing to live their love away from the spotlight and away from gossip. The news of the crisis arrives like a bolt from the blue and many of the couple are waiting to find out what really happened.

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