U&D: Gemma and Costabile, a love that has no age. And that triggers Tina’s irony

Tina Cipollari

Gemma Galgani has found a smile next to Costabile: together they seem to have gone back in time, and have aroused the irony of Tina

It is often said that love has no age, and we know well that behind these romantic aphorisms there is always a grain of truth. Today Gemma Galgani proves it to us, who in the course of the new episode of Men and Women told about her sentimental adventure with Costabile, showing the enthusiasm of a young girl. And Tina obviously didn’t miss the opportunity to launch some of her stinging thrusts against her eternal rival.

Gemma Galgani, the kiss with Costabile

After a brief misunderstanding that had made them fear the worst, Gemma and Costabile found themselves. Passion broke out between them, and kisses were never lacking: even during the last outside they took advantage of every moment to stay close and exchange tenderness. Then came a release that, although it took place far from the cameras, gave us great emotions. The knight has in fact kept us to tell in detail what happened in an evening that seems to have something magical.

A normal appointment at the restaurant has turned into a moment of romantic passion that has catapulted the two lovers back in time. “It was not possible for us to realize this desire to be together in his room” – explained Costabile, in revealing what happened after dinner. A very difficult parking space to find ruined the plans of the couple, who just wanted to indulge in a few moments of intimacy. But it also proved to be an opportunity to relive emotions that both of them had probably forgotten.

“We took a lap and in the end we took a dead end street. We stopped in the car and brought the watch back to 50 years ago, when we met and made out in the car when we were young ”- admitted the knight, while Tina Cipollari exploded in one of her jokes. Perhaps she already imagined some more passionate backstage, but Gemma immediately stopped her to go into some details: “There were some very beautiful kisses, what we felt was very nice, the feeling of having gone back in time”.

Tina lashes out at Gemma

But it is when Galgani revealed that she kissed Costabile for 16 minutes straight that Cipollari was no longer able to hold back. Incredulous, she began to comment harshly, deeming it impossible to remain glued all that time: “I go home and go to pick the olives, which is so in season. But where is all this breathless? But 16 minutes, they would have found them the next morning, rigid ”. And then she hurled herself at the knight: “And you too, who let yourself be carried away by his bullshit. But Maria, you have any idea of ​​16 minutes, how long are they? ”.

In short, chaos practically broke out in the studio. This kiss aroused the irony of everyone present, although Gemma continued to keep her version of events, explaining that in reality there was at least a small pause to catch her breath. So it seems that everything is going well between her and Costabile – apart from Tina’s sarcasm. And even if they have only recently known each other, they have already found a good harmony. Let’s hope that for once there are no nasty surprises around the corner.

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