U&D, Gemma and Sirius together again: the story continues

U&D, Gemma and Sirius together again: the story continues

Gemma Galgani and Sirus continue to frequent each other: according to the latest rumors after the end of U&D they would be together in Rome

The relationship between Gemma Galgani and Sirius continues, known to men and women. The Turin lady and the young suitor had caused a lot of discussion in Maria De Filippi's program because of the great age difference, but this does not seem to have stopped the desire to get to know each other better and to frequent each other. In fact, the show is currently on hiatus, despite this the story continues even away from the spotlight. According to some rumors, in fact Nicola Vivarelli would be in Rome and would be spending time with Giorgio Manetti's ex.

Shortly before the end of Men and Women, Gemma had confirmed her willingness to get to know Sirius away from the spotlight. “We have not made specific programs, as no one thinks – the Turin lady said -, in this particular contemporaneity, it can do. The only sure thing is that the desire to continue to deepen this knowledge in progress is absolutely mutual, as well as the enthusiasm to see us in non-television contexts, without the cameras. Nicola assured me that he is looking forward to visiting me in Turin in my daily life in the city where I know how to move. "

“We meet every day – confirmed Nicola Vivarelli -: messages, phone calls and certainly there is no shortage of videos to show you where I am and what I do. I really like sharing my days with her, in fact we have all the intention and desire to see us next week. Most likely, I will go up to his beloved Turin myself, an opportunity to spend beautiful days outdoors. "

Not only that, despite the criticisms of Tina Cipollari, Sirius had invited Gemma to get to know his family, in particular the mother he is very close to. The latter had given an interview, stating that she wanted to meet Galgani soon. "With Gemma the attraction began with a very similar dialogue and a way of seeing life and love – he said in an interview -. She and I spoke on the phone and told her she has my support. Let's watch, wait. About love, my mom and I say it will be what it will be. We are open-minded. " In the meantime, the first romantic kiss would have come between the two to seal the beginning of a love story.

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