U&D, Gemma and the detachment with Costabile: Tina is her “Saturn against”

U&D, Gemma and the detachment with Costabile: Tina is her "Saturn against"

In the October 25 episode of Men & Women, Gemma Galgani did not like the separation with Costabile: Tina has to do with it

The lady Gemma Galgani has found her work cut out: the courtship with Costabile, however, has a shadow, and her name is Tina Cipollari. We could define the latter a bit like the Saturn against Gemma and her loves within the Maria De Filippi dating show. In the October 25 episode of Men & Women we saw a first gap between Costabile and Gemma. The reason? That ghost with heavy chains, a bit of the Scrooge of the situation: Tina.

Men & Women, what happens between Gemma and Costabile

In reality, in the studio, Gemma Galgani let herself go to tears. Yes, it was more of a disturbed cry, but the Turin lady did not want to pull back: she wanted to comment on Costabile’s detachment from her, according to her fueled by Tina Cipollari. Maria De Filippi could not help but notice Gemma’s sadness, asking her about tears.

“I’m crying a little, yesterday I was sick all afternoon. Our greeting was a kiss on the forehead. I found him very restrained because he didn’t like Tina’s very heavy term and it hit him, and so all day I wondered what had happened ”. All this happened following a not very exciting external between Gemma and Costabile, clearly placed at risk by Tina.

The kiss between Gemma and Costabile

“Saturn against” has struck again the love destiny of Gemma Galgani. Tina, however, did not want to let it go this time: she took Costabile back, stating that she wanted to be cut off from their history. Certainly it is a bit difficult and not at all simple, from the moment in which he had commented very ironically on the kiss between Gemma and Costabile, coming to define it as “crap”.

Between quarrels and poison words, it must be said that Gemma’s personality is often covered by an insecurity that leads her to distance herself from those who are really interested. Certainly Tina’s pungent irony once again had its weight, and not in a positive way.

Is detachment the prelude to the end?

Will the story between Gemma and Costabile really have a future? Will that detachment that Galgani noticed in Costabile lead her to permanently distance herself from the knight, perhaps choosing to shelter her heart? What is clear is that for the lady love is still far away, or perhaps she is so pale that she will not be able to reach it easily. In any case, lady and knight will soon meet for a dinner, perhaps by candlelight. Costabile was very clear about it: we must not be in a hurry to conclude, to become official. Only time will be able to clarify the question and dress hearts with love or new pains.

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