U&D, Gemma Galgani and farewell to Sirius: ex-boyfriend Giorgio Manetti says his

U&D, Gemma Galgani and farewell to Sirius: ex-boyfriend Giorgio Manetti says his

The love between Gemma Galgani and Nicola Vivarelli has certainly caused discussion. And on their break, Giorgio Manetti has decided to have his say

One of the most exciting stories of the last edition of Men & Women was undoubtedly the one that saw Gemma Galgani and the young Sirius as protagonists, born Nicola Vivarelli. However, a story that has come to an end, on which an ex of Gemma is now pronounced: Giorgio Manetti.

But let's go in order: the Turin lady and the young suitor seemed to be very close, despite the great age difference. Indeed this difference, at least at the beginning, had intrigued both Gemma and Nicola. And he had made Galgani think that this was the right time.

After a few external romantics (which, among other things, were meant to prove that the interest in the lady was genuine) and some moments not, including Nicola's abandonment of the study, the two were inseparable. The relationship seemed to be booming despite the rain of criticism received not only by the exuberant Tina Cipollari, but also by several members of the cast of Men & Women, including commentators who are no longer directly involved, such as Karina Cascella.

Now, however, it seems that the story is over: Gemma would have in fact lost interest in Sirius. Distance would have played a decisive role in the crisis between Galgani and Sirius. The spotlights were off and they found themselves facing daily life without "obligations" to meet in the studio, the two would have seen each other more in the period immediately following the end of the program.

However, Gemma herself would then slow down the pace until Sirius himself confirmed that he no longer heard from her, suggesting that he was suffering a lot. However, Sirius' pain did not convince Giorgio Manetti who, interviewed by the journalist Francesco Fredella on RTL 102.5, said:

The truth is that all of this was predictable. I suppose this young man was looking for advertisements, but it was unthinkable. In any case, when it comes to love, you shouldn't play, especially on TV.

Words not at all sweet towards the young suitor who, on the other hand, has always professed himself deeply in love with Galgani. Meanwhile, Gemma remains silent. How will this story evolve?

Giorgio Manetti

Giorgio Manetti at the time of his participation in U&D. Source: Instagram

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