U&D, Gemma Galgani embarrasses Maria De Filippi

U&D, Gemma Galgani embarrasses Maria De Filippi

Gemma tests Maria De Filippi on men and women, embarrassing her with her chats

Gemma Galgani embarrasses Maria De Filippi to men and women because of her suitors. The Turin lady is the protagonist of the new format created by the presenter after the show stops. In the transmission Gemma and Giovanna Abate are courted online by mysterious nicknames who send messages and videos.

Galgani has already conquered several men, but the exchange of messages immediately embarrassed Maria. Among them is the Heart of Poet who immediately used important and very strong words in chats with the lady of the Over Throne. So much that De Filippi refused to read the messages, admitting her difficulty.

“I would like to take you to a cabin near Turin – wrote the mysterious suitor -, I imagine you in fox fur, lace bra and hold-ups with petticoat and knee-high boots. I approach and spend the night together. Will we have made love? Who knows […] You cross your legs with exquisite grace, you caress your legs, you bite your lips, I let myself go to the idea of ​​touching you, kissing you, caressing you … and then I would like to feel the rubbing of the skin ". Rather pushed messages that embarrassed De Filippi: “Uuuhh heart of poet has gone on. A particular afternoon eh Gemma ?! ".

"I have never made such a fuss … of all these beautiful sensations", replied Galgani, but shortly afterwards Maria refused to continue reading: "You read, please, because I am a little embarrassed," he admitted . Shortly thereafter, Tina also intervened and, as always, attacked the rival of Men and Women. "Don't you think there is someone having fun behind you?" The vamp pointed out.

Despite this, Gemma is ready to move forward and certain that sooner or later she will meet the right person. After the farewell to Giorgio Manetti, the Turin lady hopes to fall in love again. "I am ready to go beyond the physical aspect if the heart beats – he confessed – […] Tina? It's not a problem. I don't even see it. I hear his voice like a buzz. Wear a mask with my face on it. It is clear that he cannot do without me. "

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