U&D, Gemma Galgani gets closer to Nicola Vivarelli

Gemma Galgani is experiencing a difficult time in her path to "Men and Women"

The television week of Men and Women ends with what has all the appearance of a twist with unpredictable implications: during the last episode, broadcast on Friday 2 April 2021, Gemma Galgani has in fact experienced difficult moments with the her suitor Riccardo and is reunited with Nicola Vivarelli, an old acquaintance of the public.

Let's start with the latter. Nicola, who had arrived in the studio last year with the nickname of Sirius, had conquered the Turin lady with his charm and, despite the huge age difference, the two had started dating. However, their knowledge broke shortly thereafter, and by that time the young knight had abandoned Men and Women. A few weeks ago, he returned to take part in the Maria De Filippi show to look for love, and it was inevitable that sooner or later he would have to confront Gemma once again.

In this last weekly appointment before Easter, we witnessed outside between Galgani and Nicola. The two have decided to meet outside the studio to be able to talk calmly and clarify all the issues left open since their farewell. Gemma wanted to specify that their meeting took place only in friendship, however during the summer she let herself go to the past sweet memories with a little nostalgia, so much so as to arouse the public's suspicion. Will there be a flashback between the two?

The advances of Men and Women reveal that, during the next week, Nicola and Gemma will still show themselves linked by a good relationship, so much so that he will take the side of the lady on the occasion of a small clash that Galgani will have with the knight Riccardo . In the studio, however, Armando Incarnato will accuse Vivarelli of having returned only for visibility, taking advantage of his old acquaintance with Gemma to get some more talk about himself.

In short, a rather complicated period is approaching for the Turin lady. In addition to Nicola's return, which apparently will arouse some nostalgia in her, there is the difficult situation with Riccardo. During their last visit, the knight explained to her that he wanted to know her only as a friend, because he is more interested in deepening his acquaintance with Isabella. The refusal caused great pain in Gemma, who burst into tears during the episode. As the previews reveal, in the coming days Galgani will have to complain about the way in which Riccardo approached her, deluding her that something could be born between them.

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