U&D, Gemma like Botticelli’s Primavera: it is immediately a clash with Tina

Gemma Galgani

The first episode of Men and Women is largely dedicated to Gemma’s metamorphosis, but she is heavily criticized by Tina (as always)

The new season of Men and Women has finally begun and for the first episode Maria De Filippi preferred to play it safe by relying on Gemma Galgani, who has always been much loved by the public. It is to her that a large part of the program is dedicated, which summarizes and shows what has happened in recent months, after the end of the program last June.

Gemma is in fact filmed while she visits the plastic surgeon to ask for a touch up on her lips and later also on her breasts.

“It gave me back that smile that had gone out. I got a taste for it ”, she explains to the doctor referring to the facelift she had already undergone. Thus, the public follows the lady first between the various consultations, including the drawing on the body of the points where the surgeon will go to intervene, then even before the operating room and upon awakening.

“I have to find a boyfriend, I believe that something good will happen, I can feel it”, is what she says to the cameras, unleashing – as expected – the harsh criticism of Tina Cipollari, who spares herself and interrupts the videos several times .

The columnist is in complete disagreement – needless to say – with Gemma’s choices, according to her without meaning. The reason is easy to say: “A 73-year-old woman does not make pancakes again after she has had them like this for 30 years”, she shouts from her desk, assigning two more years to the lady and not conceiving that a woman can do anything. his body what it wants.

But let’s go back to Gemma, because the unveiling of the final result is worthy of the best melodrama and is clearly inspired by a Shakespearean writing (we do not explain otherwise the setting from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in Cinecittà). The Galgani looks like a “modern” Botticelli’s Primavera, surrounded by nature and by the lights that create atmosphere. Then the apotheosis: the film that traces her most intense moments in Men and Women, in which she defines herself as the Spring and the final catwalk, wrapped in a black cloak and a blindfold.

All of a sudden darkness, a voice telling her to take off her cloak and blindfold. The lights go on and Gemma can see how she is today, with her new breasts (or with her new pancakes, if you’re on Tina’s side).

“But wasn’t she the one who bet on intelligence?” comments Tina. And the summary of the episode at the bottom can end here. Because yes, there was also time for the presentation videos of the two new tronists, Matteo and Joele and for the catwalk of the suitors (who now have to take a very long tour and no longer the simple staircase), but relegated to an advertisement and the other was just a side dish of the appetizer of what will be a season still marked by the clash between Tina and Gemma.

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