U&D, Gemma: "The arguments with Tina are true, I suffer and I feel bad"

U&D, Gemma: "The arguments with Tina are true, I suffer and I feel bad"

Are the quarrels between Gemma and Tina Cipollari between men and women true? Galgani replies

Gemma Galgani returns to talk about her relationship with Tina Cipollari and the constant quarrels with men and women. The two are eternal rivals for several years now, often at the center of discussions and even physical clashes that have required the intervention of Gianni Sperti and Maria De Filippi.

Interviewed by the weekly DiPiù, Gemma assured that the quarrels (and tears) of men and women are true and that there is nothing studied at the table. “I get very angry when they stop me on the street or write to me saying that Men and Women is a program all studied at the table – he revealed -. Starting with the love stories that are born in there, ending with the disputes between opinion and tronista, especially my quarrels with Tina. It's all true! And when I cry, I cry real tears, I feel really bad. "

Gemma Galgani is one of the most loved faces of men and women, protagonist of the throne over for several years. The clashes with Tina began after the end of her relationship with Giorgio Manetti and over time they became more and more bitter. "In the past you have repeatedly brought the mummy to the broadcast saying that it is I – he said -. You have no idea how much this curtain makes me suffer, she says I'm ugly, that I have a big nose. I don't know why Tina does this. My friends say she is envious. "

In the last episodes of Men and Women (which will soon return to the classic version), Tina and Gemma have clashed several times because of Sirius, a young suitor who would have lost his head for Gemma. "Poor thing, now she is convinced that she likes the kids! – thundered Cipollari, underlining the 44 years of difference between the two -. It could all be a bluff as often happens in chats. I don't think he put it into account. I think he will take another good corner. "

Between Blue Eyes and Poet's Heart, Gemma was the great protagonist of a new version of Men and Women. “Personally, words alone would not be enough for me – he confessed – because I need to see who I have in front of me and feel human contact. I was disoriented, but then I was pleasantly surprised by this new mechanism … I see everything that happens and comment on it in real time ".

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