U&D, Gemma unveils the new look: argues with Tina and rejects Sirius

Men and Women has started again with many new features, including the new look of the undisputed protagonist Gemma Galgani

Men and Women is back to brighten up our afternoons with lots of news: a larger studio that hosts both the participants of the Classic Throne and those of the Throne Over and the absolute protagonist of the latest editions that comes with a renewed image.

We are talking about Gemma Galgani, who inaugurated the new edition of the dating show with a new look that she had already gossiped about in the last few days: the lady from Turin chose to resort to a facelift to refresh her appearance, subsequently going to the hairdresser for frame the face with a bob with platinum highlights.

A real change for Gemma, a transformation path that the cameras of Men and Women wanted to document step by step: from consulting to intervention, Galgani was filmed while looking in the mirror, leaving the audience with great curiosity.

The viewers' expectation was immediately satisfied when Gemma entered the studio, finally revealing her face. "I wanted to silence my insecurities a little. I have an age that does not correspond to my character, I am young, which is why I wanted to reduce the distance between my age and that of my spirit ": these are the words spoken in the studio by the Turin lady.

Unfortunately, the tweaks were not appreciated by Tina Cipollari, a declared enemy of Gemma for years now: for the columnist this decision by Galgani to make up for it was hypocritical, as the seventy-year-old had often said she was against these aesthetic procedures. In addition, according to the vamp, Gemma would have refreshed her appearance only because she was approached by Sirius, her 26-year-old suitor.

You were seventy and you yourself are. When you laugh you sound like "The mask". You dated a guy 50 years younger and went for a facelift. You did it because, after all your love failures, you decided "I'm a monster".

These harsh words were softened by the other commentator Gianni Sperti, who underlined how much Gemma had improved: "I was expecting a drastic change and instead you improved and it didn't change you at all, the surgeon was very good. I thought I was seeing a different face, but it's always the same, but beautiful. "

Immediately afterwards Maria De Filippi had a chair put in front of Gemma to welcome Sirius, pseudonym of Nicola Vivarelli: the last edition of the program ended with a stalemate between Galgani and the twenty-six year old, with the statements of Nicola who had described their story as a "fairy tale".

Yet, their first meeting in the studio did not appear all pink and flowers: Gemma declared that she had refused Sirius' invitations several times, as she was no longer sure of the boy's intentions towards him: “We looked like two tourists traveling around Rome. I was disappointed ”: this is how Galgani replied to the disappointment Vivarelli expressed during the episode.

Gemma, therefore, has dismissed the handsome sailor because she still does not trust them completely and because the shadow of Valentina Autiero, another protagonist of Men and Women, hangs over their knowledge. The latter and Nicola would have dated during the summer according to Galgani, but the two denied, saying they exchanged few messages. And Sirius added: “My summer was just a gym, study and refresher courses”.

Although Valentina and Nicola denied any attendance, at the end of the episode the two danced together, leaving Gemma alone with her jealousy. In short, a beautiful turbulent start to this new season, which will not fail to amaze us.

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