U&D, Giovanna Abate and Alchemist are ex? The report on Davide Basolo

Giovanna Abate

Giovanna Abate and Alchemist are ex? Men and women receive the report on Davide Basolo, but the truth is different

Are Giovanna Abate and Alchemist ex-boyfriends? Men and Women receive a new report on Davide Basolo who, once again, changes the cards on the table. The suitor finally decided to throw the mask off, showing his true face. After weeks spent wooing the tronista, Alchemist chose to abandon the anonymity and the aura of mystery that had characterized him. Shortly afterwards, however, the first allegations began on his account.

On social media, in particular, numerous reports arrived that spoke of a love story passed between Giovanna and Davide. Has the Alchemist made fun of everyone and is he the ex of the tronista of Men and Women? FanPage reports the statements of a friend of the bartender who has denied these rumors. Basolo would never have flirted with the Abbot, mainly because he grew up in La Spezia, while she is originally from Rome. The two would have known each other only in the transmission of Maria De Filippi and the Alchemist would never have previously taken part in the show.

Information that seems to confirm Davide Basolo's interest in Giovanna Abate. The tronista is now about to face her choice, even if she is experiencing mixed feelings. In the last episode of Men and Women, she revealed that she was very undecided, dancing with Sammy and unleashing the jealousy of the Alchemist who remained at the center of the study in response. Alessandro Graziani then decided to abandon the studio, eliminating himself because he was certain he had not ignited the interest of the tronista. "I'm sorry you are leaving but you have turned to the no," she said, after the announcement by Maria De Filippi. "I got carried away by the fact that I came to pick me up – replied the former Temptation Island tempter – but I think I should have thought a little more. The relationship you have with them has gone much further than you have with me. " Giovanna Abate also confirmed this: "I too should have been more correct and not chasing you," he concluded referring to the episode in which he asked the suitor to return, despite the elimination.

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