U&D, Michael Terlizzi collapses and bursts into tears

U&D, Michael Terlizzi collapses and bursts into tears

Michael Terlizzi has an emotional breakdown and bursts into tears in Big Brother's house, confiding in Chicco Nalli

In the Big Brother house, Michael Terlizzi collapses and lets himself go to tears. There are only a few days left until the end of the reality show conducted by Barbara D’Urso, despite the fact that the young man seems to be running out of steam. During a chat with Kikò, Michael explained that he felt tired and burst into tears.

A real emotional collapse, which he overcame thanks to the help of Tina Cipollari's ex-husband who has always stayed with him on this path. "Now you talk to me, you tell me that I am a father and you are like children to me, what is your problem? – asked Kikò, who did not believe in the thesis of tiredness -. You're telling a lie! There are 12 days to go, you can't collapse! You have made a path of growth! ".

Michael thus explained that he was suffering from bad thoughts. "Today I am darkened, my thoughts fly!" He admitted and the hairstylist tried to cheer him up. “People love you! – said Kikò -. Your parents want to see you with a smile! ".

In the meantime, the closeness between Michael and Taylor Mega is getting stronger. The influencer, who recently entered the GF house, immediately made friends with the young man who confided in her.

"I said" if I vote and go out, nobody has known me "- explained Michael -. This thing led me to get away from people, I was terrible, because I realized that everyone was talking to each other and I alone like an idiot. The first thing in life is to have relationships – he added – and it has always been difficult for me, even since I became acceptable in appearance. As a child I was plump and this thing here made sure that when a girl wants to meet me, it always makes me strange. For a year now I have been experiencing something that is a dream. "

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