U&D, Sara Shaimi and Carlo Pietropoli: the choice after a 2 month stop

U&D, Sara Shaimi e Carlo Pietropoli: la scelta dopo 2 mesi di stop

After two months of absence, Sara Shaimi and Carlo Pietropoli return to Men and Women to make their choice

Sara Shaimi and Carlo Pietropoli are ready to make their choice to men and women after a two month stop. The tronisti agreed to return to the broadcast to end the path they had started, unlike Daniele Dal Moro who had started his adventure very recently and for this reason he preferred not to choose. Sara and Carlo have been missing from men and women for some time now, after the stop imposed by the health emergency. As is known, Maria De Filippi's program was back on the air, during the lockdown, but in a different version, with a remote courtship and with Giovanna Abate and Gemma Galgani as protagonists.

Giovanna in the last few days, after meeting Alchemist, aka Davide Basolo, and Sammy Hassan, decided to choose the latter, throwing the suitor who had presented himself in the studio with a mask into despair. On Witty Tv, Sara and Carlo unveiled their emotions just before returning to the cameras. "When I got here I almost didn't believe in love anymore – said the tronista -. I haven't liked a person for a long time. I understood that I felt ready to make a choice. "

Carlo Pietropoli instead claimed to have very clear ideas. “These two months I have thought about my entire path, my whole life has passed in front of me – admitted the tronista -. I am here because I want to take risks and live things to the full because that's right for me. The emotion is so great at the moment because after two months and after all that we have spent, it will be a bit difficult, but I am very happy because I have never stopped thinking about it. I hope it is one of the best days of my life, that I will always remember it. It will be a surprise for her. We hope you say yes because you don't know. "

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