U&D, Sirius and Gemma together for business: the accusations on Instagram

U&D, Sirius and Gemma together for business: the accusations on Instagram

Gemma Galgani and Sirius continue to be at the center of rumors despite the end of Men and Women

Are Sirius and Gemma Galgani together for business? The latest accusation against the couple born to men and women comes from Instagram. The young suitor does not seem willing to give up the knowledge of the Turin lady and many are convinced that his interest in Gemma is linked only to his desire to be successful. On social media, Nicola Vivarelli has obtained the much coveted blue tick mainly thanks to his participation in Men and Women. In fact, viewers are curious to find out what will happen.

In the last episodes of Men and Women, Sirius had ended up at the center of the controversy, accused by Tina Cipollari of not having kissed Gemma because of her lack of interest in him. "Obviously I have a more mature person in front of me, which is why I might even find myself in difficulty sometimes, because I have great respect for you – he explained to Gemma -. Sometimes it may be that he is a little more retired than a girl my age. I also understood that if the hug didn't come from me, maybe it wouldn't even come. I didn't want to create that situation and I didn't create it. "

The Men and Women columnist, however, was not satisfied with this explanation: "You are a great liar – Tina said -. Since you exposed yourself, you came here to woo a woman with half a century more than you are subject to criticism. I think you're a big fake. Have you come here for a while and then what does it do? He is alone with this woman inside four walls, he also sends the operators away and you don't even give her a kiss? ”.

According to some rumors, the attendance between Gemma and Nicola Vivarelli is continuing even away from the spotlight. The U&D suitor was immortalized in the company of the Turin lady on the streets of Rome, later he reached Turin, the city where Galgani lives. For now, these are just allegations, in the meantime Sirius continues to confirm his interest in the lady, while the couple's participation in Temptation Island seems denied.

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