U&D, Sirius declares himself for Gemma, but courts Valentina secretly

U&D, Sirius declares himself for Gemma, but courts Valentina secretly

New doubts arise about Sirius: Gemma's suitor would also seem interested Valentina, but the young man clarifies his position

There are problems in paradise between Sirius, the new knight of men and women, and Gemma Galgani: the boy of only 26 years old, whose real name is Nicola Vivarelli, is already at the center of the controversy over having chosen to woo Gemma, a woman of almost 70 years.

To make the situation more complicated is the intrusion of the suitor Valentina Autiero, known face of the Over Throne of the very popular program.

During the last episode of Men and Women, specifically, Gemma Galgani lashes out again against her rival Valentina for the alleged likes that the latter and Sirius would have exchanged:

They all have to tell the truth, so tell it too. Don't talk anymore, don't beak where you can't afford it. Do you exchange likes on Instagram?

The Turin lady, however, is immediately blocked by commentators Gianni Sperti and Tina Cipollari, who emphasize that there has been no exchange of likes, but it was a supposition of a gossip article that has made the rounds of social networks in recent days. Even those directly concerned deny the accusations, but Gemma does not trust Valentina and does not even apologize.

Gemma's reaction comes after the episode aired on May 25, 2020, when Valentina responds to the rhymes to one of the twenty-year-old girls who landed on the famous dating show to woo the young Nicola:

In the meantime, fire is not only made by people in their twenties because many are flies. I eat you and you and many other twenty-year-olds. Talk about him, don't compare yourself to others. I assure you that a woman over 40 is more experienced. I'm not just talking about intimacy. From the attitude that Nicola has, who does not look like a 26 year old, you are a child compared to him. Courting a 70-year-old woman is too much, but she is also too young.

Sirius, therefore, says he is pleasantly surprised by Valentina's words, thus letting the three girls of the same age who had come to court him come out of the studio: "What Valentina said does not make a turn, she took us in full".

Driven by Maria De Filippi, Sirius and Valentina dance together, while Gemma watches them from afar. Once at the center of the study, with the voices covered by the music, Nicola admits that the lady is not indifferent to him, so Valentina asks him if he would have wanted to know her, if Gemma had not been there.

To the affirmative answer of the sailor, another interesting scenario seems to open up on the over throne between Gemma, Sirius and Valentina, yet, during the episode of May 26, it is precisely the young knight to specify his position with both ladies.

Nicola, therefore, seems to take a step back on his interest in Valentina, responding to the Roman lady in this way:

We don't change the cards on the table, please, because I don't go back on my steps and I don't change opinions about people. I'm not the guy who says one thing and after two days thinks of another. I didn't give you the number, I don't give it to you now and I don't even give it to you between three, four, six … what it will be.

The public, opinion leaders and parterre still seem to be very skeptical of this courtship, but Sirius is not overwhelmed by controversy, thus choosing to know only Gemma.

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