U&D, the former tronist Nilufar Addati: "I contracted the Coronavirus"

Nilufar Addati

The former U&D tronist, Nilufar Addati, revealed on Instagram that he had contracted the Coronavirus

Coronavirus, from cinema to sport to politics: famous people infected

Nilufar Addati contracted the Coronavirus. This was confessed by the former tronist of Men and Women who published a long message in the Instagram Stories, telling of having discovered that she was infected by Covid-19. "I took the last days of silence to reassure myself and the people who love me – explained the influencer -, after having carried out a serological sample through blood sampling (with negative results) I was subjected to a swab, whose the result was unfortunately positive. I contracted Covid-19 ".

Nilufar revealed that she discovered she was ill after spending the holidays in Sardinia. “I have been in contact with positive people – she said -, I returned to Naples from Sardinia without being aware of having been in contact with positive people as we all learned of the test results when I was already at home. I learned that I had been in contact with positives after having performed the serological and before having performed the swab. I left without any symptoms, but with the awareness of having been in the company of many people and with the will, therefore, to carry out a fiduciary isolation and tests ”.

"My travels were limited to returning home, I never went out again (except to carry out the serological first and then the swab), I have not been and am not currently in contact with my parents, who after me they are subjected to the swab whose results arrived today, negative. I spend 24 hours in my room. Being lucky enough to have a bathroom in the room, I don't even share that with them, they pass me the food and I eat alone in the room ".

"The symptoms appeared about 24 hours after taking the swab – confessed the former U&D tronist -. I had a fever (max 37.5), a little headache similar to sinusitis and I lost my sense of taste and smell. I am in contact with my local health authority who will take care of having a swab in a few days and if that swab is negative, I will be subjected to another after 24/48 hours. Only after two negative results will I be able to leave ”.

Former partner of Giordano Mazzocchi and protagonist of Temptation Island, Nilufar recounted how his days unfold. "How am I? All in all well, I just hope it will pass soon – he said -. Just a little bitterness in the mouth and sorrow. As you know, I am not a frequenter of clubs, this holiday was for me the first real return to 'normality' which unfortunately was not normal. I lived the lockdown period with extreme seriousness and awareness – he added – and for a long time, when the activities were practically all open, I continued not to attend meeting places for fear ".

“But I lived my 5 days of vacation in Sardinia with (evidently) too much carefree – concluded Nilufar -. I warmly invite all people who have frequented clubs or restaurants, or simply have been present in crowded and / or gathering situations to carry out a swab and not the serological, because if you have come into contact with the virus recently, as in my case, at the time of the exams it is not necessary. And, in any case, pending any verification, to put you in preventive fiduciary isolation ”.

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