U&D, Tina against Gemma: "Do you want to replace me?"

U&D, Tina against Gemma: "Do you want to replace me?"

To men and women, Tina Cipollari lashes out against Gemma Galgani, accusing her of wanting to replace her

Tina Cipollari and Gemma Galgani clash for the umpteenth time in the study of men and women, between attacks and accusations. This time the vamp accused the Turin lady of wanting to steal her armchair on the Maria De Filippi show. The eternal rivals clashed during the last episode of the Over Throne, giving rise to an unprecedented clash.

To make Tina nervous were some too insistent looks from Gemma. "What is your problem? Cipollari blurted out, challenging her rival. Maria, do you want to replace me? It is not a problem for me … make her hiring today! He broke his p … Since I came in he says' Are you saying nothing? You do not talk'. I speak when I feel like it. Do I have to be subjected to this thing every time? Maria believe me, you can't take it anymore ”.

Gemma then accused Tina of being silent during the fight between Stefano and Pamela and of speaking only to put her in trouble. Shortly after the clash with the vamp of Men and Women, Gemma took refuge behind the scenes where she indulged in yet another outburst.

"He hates me! What did I tell you so badly? – said Galgani, desperate -. He was already plotting … the whole episode was silent. Only when I come in does it warm up and shake. Next time I make her a nice pillow full of succulents that maybe pinch her and massage her as well, who needs it. "

The commentator's reply was immediate: "He tells me of all colors, a woman can be beautiful and charismatic even with a few extra pounds!". Just a few days ago the two enemies of Men and Women had been guests of Verissimo where they had collided in front of Silvia Toffanin.

"There was a period in which Gemma supported her – Tina had revealed -, at the beginning when she took a linear path […] Did you fall in love with Giorgio? His big love is the cameras. She is false, a liar, a deceiver, there were men who pretended to be certain but others who were moved by real interest in her and within a week for her they became the worst men on earth, she gives birth to everything, I detest her " .

“I don't know why Tina's hatred for me started – Gemma replied -, she loved me at the beginning, then suddenly after Giorgio's story she started to have this form of malice, of acrimony towards me . Then she became very close to Giorgio and they approached me and this bothered me immensely ".

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